Friday, March 13, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 Live From Ferguson, MO

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360  from Ferguson, Missouri.  He was Live in the 8PM ET hour and for the first half of the 11PM ET hour.

AC360 Transcript
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Jaanza said...

Thursday's was a great 360 if the only topic you wanted to hear about was Ferguson MO. Though I appreciate it when Anderson goes to where the action is and does field reporting, I channel surfed quite a bit.

Here's what I did see:
- Anderson gave an overview on the siuation in Ferguson, the two cops shot last night and the search for the shooters
- Jason Carroll report
- Anderson interviewed two witnesses who were at the protest when the cops were shot
-Jake Tapper talked and then a panel which included Sunny Hositn and two others (this was the second segment and when things felt like they were being repeated over and over)
- Anderson interviewed a woman who's granddaughter phoned her, from the protest, after shots were fired
-Michael Brown family statement and interview with Brown family attorney Benjamin Crump
- Tom Foreman report on the shooting, detailed computer graphics included.
-a Bulletin.

As stated, you had to be really interested in the latest from Ferguson to stay glued to 360 for the whole hour. I thought the interview with the woman who's granddaughter phoned her from the protest was stretching a tangent too far.
If Anderson is still in Ferguson on Friday, I hope he takes the time to cover other news instead of news on Ferguson that is on the far periphery of relevance.