Thursday, March 19, 2015

Anderson Cooper and Ellen Barkin on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

Enjoy the videos of the show ~

The selfie to Cher ~

A game ~

And the poll question!  Anyone going to the show in Boston Saturday night?

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Jaanza said...

Thursday's 360 was okay overall, nothing stood out as especially spectacular and I don't have a favorite out of any of the reports. Also, if I'm not engrossed in any particular news stories that makes it so much easier to check out Hayes or other channels.

Martese Johnson, the Univ. of Virginia student beaten up by police for allegedly having a fake ID, was the lead story. Brian Todd had the report and then Anderson talked to Marcus L. Martin, Charles Blow and Don Borgino.

Otis Byrd, the missing man found hanging from a tree in Mississisppi, was second. Juan Perez reported and Tom Fuentes and Charles Blow paneled.

Internaitoal news came next, ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack at a Tunis museum and Israeli PM Netanyahu commented on his election win and U.S./Israeli relations.

At the start of the segment titled "VA Scandal" I thought it was going to be another Drew Griffin report. I was surprised when coming back after channel surfing to see Jake Tapper talking to Anderson and not Griffin. Judging just by the last few sentences, I'm guessing the topic seemed to be returning soldiers and mental health.

More snow is predicted this weekend for the northeastern U.S. I didn't catch who did the report but later did see Anderson talk to Jennifer Gray. The last thing I saw was a Bulletin.

Was there just not enough time to say anything about Obama's comments on mandatory voting?