Friday, March 20, 2015

Anderson Cooper, Ellen Barkin & Andy Cohen On The WWHL After Show

Bravo posted the "After Show" video and some photos from Anderson's appearance on Wednesday night's program ~

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aries moon said...

Anderson was defending Kathy Griffin on WWHL and I do like them together on the NYE show but she hasn't been coming off very well in the articles I've read about the Fashion Police controversy--she seems a bit opportunistic and phony. It looks like she wanted to get her story out there and look like a martyr with celebrities backing her up before reports about how it all REALLY went down started circulating--Kathy was apparently about to be fired because she thought she was the "star" of FP and wasn't a team player. I don't care for Giuliana Rancic or Kelly Osbourne either but Kathy's endless self-promotion and money-grubbing is tiresome. Andy Cohen was right in his assessment of Kathy. Anderson's a loyal friend apparently, but Kathy Griffin seems to only be about Kathy Griffin.

Anonymous said...

I though Anderson's defense of Kathy Griffin was kind of odd, but I guess he felt the need to defend her. While her letter may have been well written, I agree with Andy Cohen, it was odd. I had no idea she was about to be fired, but found the articles after @aries moon comment. I found her sudden departure and the reason she gave odd. It didn't fit because her brand of humor is offending people. I was never a big fan of Joan Rivers, but did admire her tenacity and what she did for female comedians. Fashion Police was Joan's show and when Joan died, the show should have gone away, IMO.

I must say I enjoyed WWHL with Ellen Barkin and Anderson. While Anderson is funny when paired with Kelly Ripa, it's nice to see him paired with someone else who he's friends with (comfortable with) from time to time. I really enjoyed the episode. I'm not a fan of the Housewives or other Bravo shows, so I enjoyed the topics being something other than a Bravo program.