Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Anderson Cooper in NYC on Tuesday, March 10th

Anderson anchored AC360 from the NYC studio on Tuesday night.  The following photos were posted to Instagram earlier in the day.  Perhaps an upcoming 60 Minutes story?  And a very young fan getting a photo op?

AC360 Transcript
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Jaanza said...

Tuesday's 360 did a good job covering the uproar about the SAE fraternity at the University of Oklahoma singing racist songs. The SAE house has been shut down, the two students leading the song were expelled and other students are protesting. Miguel Marquez had all of this in his report including a comment from an African-American athlete recruited by Oklahoma U who is now saying he won't go there. Anderson talked to Brandon Weghorst, Associate Executive Director of Communication *otherwise known as a 'spin doctor') for the national SAE organization. Weghorst's blather could be boiled down to 'just a few bad apples, the rest of SAE is great, we're going to change things, let's move forward'. Anderson also talked to two black students but I was distracted and didn't catch most of the conversation.

The second segment was a panel with Jeffrey Toobin, Charles Blow and Michael Meyers to talk about free speech, hate speech and just how racist the SAE song was.

For most of the segment on Hillary Clinton's e-mails while Secretary of State, I watched Hayes. However, I did see that Anderson talked to Jeff Zelany and Carl Bernstein. I was simply more interested in Hayes' report on FL Gov. Rick Scott telling the FL Dept. of Environmental Protection that they can't use the phrase 'climate change'.

Gary Tuchman filed a report on Wisconsin Pplice officer Kenny, who shot Tony Robinson, unarmed black teenager. Most the report looked at a 2007 incident in which Kenny shot a man holding a pellet gun.

next 360 promoted the CNN special on Miles O'Brien and how he lost his arm. Anderson interviewed O'Brien and Sanjay Gupta. Although I'm sympathetic to O'Brien, I wasn't interested in learning the details.

The last minute of 360 was the Bulletin.
The news of how Iran responded to the letter sent by 47 Republican congressmen, so big on The Situation Room, wasn't mentioned anywhere in today's 360.