Thursday, March 05, 2015

Conan O'Brien Realizes Anderson Cooper Has A Very Easy Job!

Anderson Cooper was in the NYC studio and anchored an expanded 2 hour edition of AC360.

Conan O'Brien spent 4 days in Cuba taping a special edition of his late night talk show.  The program aired last night and there was a mention of Anderson Cooper and CNN.  Enjoy!

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

Big thanks for the Conan clip. I giggled a lot watching it. "What I've proven here is that I could fill six hours a night on CNN," says Conan, "Of course, we'd have to hire the dog as well but I've heard they work cheap."

Apt commentary on how Anderson and CNN can stretch a story. Thursday's story about Harrison Ford crashing his small plane was indeed breaking news but THREE WHOLE SEGMENTS in the first hour? And then kicking Morgan Spurlock to the curb so 360 could go into a second hour.

Yes, I know there was a press conference coming up but that wasn't worth repeating everything all over again. CNN could have shown Spurlock and if anything newsworthy was said at the press conference, it could have been scrolled at the bottom of the screen.

There were only two non-Ford news reports in the first hour. One was a short report on the Delta flight from Atlanta which skidded off an icy runway at LaGuardia resulting in only minor injuries. The other was Gary Tuchman's report on the winter storm, what it's done and how people are coping.

Did anyone watch the entire second hour?

Will Conan's barking dog clip show up soon on the Ridiculist?

aries moon said...

Not a great night for real news coverage. 360 went way overboard on the celebrity plane crash report--there was absolutely no reason for the excessive coverage and analysis (AC must've read that tweet from Harrison Ford's son a billion times). I couldn't even escape to Maddow's show in the 9 pm hour because she was also reporting on the crash.