Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Wolf Blitzer & Jake Tapper Anchor AC360 While Anderson Cooper Is In Sacramento, CA

Anderson Cooper is in Sacramento, CA tonight for a speaking engagement that was originally scheduled for January 20th, but re-scheduled due to State Of The Union coverage.  Wolf Blitzer anchored the 8PM ET hour of AC360 and Jake Taper joined Wolf to anchor a live 9PM ET hour of AC360.  While there was a lot of discussion about Netanyahu's speech before Congress today, a report about policing in Ferguson that is supposed to be released tomorrow, a segment on the controversy  about Hillary Clinton using a non governmental e-mail address while Secretary of State, more on the homeless man that was shot to death in LA over the weekend, Petraeus' plea bargain and possible sentence and a weasel riding on the back of a woodpecker; there was NO mention of the House of Representatives passing a clean bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security for the rest of the fiscal year.   Will Anderson cover it tomorrow night when he's back in the anchor chair?

These photos showed up on Twitter and we will post more if we find them.

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Anonymous said...

When I saw Wolf was in for Anderson, I turned the channel. Why couldn't Berman sub?? He's much better. I guess three hours of Wolf kissing up to Bibi and mongering for war with Iran weren't enough for CNN?

Wolf and Tapper are both in the Republican camp so I'm not surprised they wouldn't bring up Boehner and House Republicans caving on DHS funding. I read that Boehner and House leadership met with Cheney. Are they now looking to him for leadership advice? Scary!

Jaanza said...

I saw only the first hour, which was 2/5 on Netanyahu's speech, 2/5 on the Dept. of Justice report about the Ferguson Police and 1/5 on Hillary Clinton using personal e-mail for government business when she was Sect. of State.
I channel surfed between Blitzer, Hayes and 'Shark Tank'. Hayes' first segment about Netanyahu was titled "The Cheney Playbook" and I liked his pundits better (especially when it came to 360's second segment which included Ari Fleischer; that's what we're talking about when we ay we want better experts instead of Dubya YesMen).

Although it's great Anderson kept his commitment to speak in Sacramento, I have a question: what newsperson would schedule to be out of town around the time the President usually gives the SOTU speech? Just not schedule to be away from work any year between January 15 and 25.

aries moon said...

CNN, like most of the press, have been giving a pass to Republican incompetence/obstruction for years now, so it's no surprise that there was no mention of Boehner's latest humiliation and failure as Speaker and the GOP having to cave and do exactly what the president wanted in the first place and pass a clean bill. When the GOP was unable to get the votes they needed on Friday for the bill, the first thing Gloria Borger and Dana Bash did was try to spin it as the fault of the Democrats because they refused to go along with the GOP charade of passing a short term bill that wouldn't solve anything instead of responsibly backing a bill that fully funds the DHS through September. Bash and Borger were so transparently biased it was almost funny, except it wasn't because it's that kind of inept reporting that has allowed Boehner and the GOP to get away with murder. I'll be surprised if there's any mention of the DHS vote on 360 on Wednesday--AC doesn't seem all that interested in domestic politics or reporting on political victories for the president and Democrats.