Thursday, April 23, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 on Thursday, April 23, 2015

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair.  In "other news" coverage tonight, there was a segment on the news of the drone strike that killed an American hostage with a panel discussion ~

and Anderson also spoke with Boston bombing survivor, Adrianne Haslet-Davis ~

And posted to social media last week, Anderson with a fan in Boston:

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Jaanza said...

Thursday's 360 was incredibly disappointing. It sucked. All because there was no mention of the Senate finally confirming Loretta Lynch as Attorney General, the reason it took so long, the soul of the human trafficking bill, how that bill got attached to the Lynch vote and the compromise on the Hyde Amendment.
Admittedly, I changed the channel back and forth quite a bit betwen Anderson and Hayes. Hayes had a full segment on Lynch and 360 didn't even have a Bulletin (or a Bulletin blip on Lynch).
This was one time I really wanted politics to be covered and 360 ignored it all.

Here's what I saw 360 cover:
- protests in Baltimore for the Freddie Gray death, confrontations with the police reports from Brian Todd and Miguel Marquez in Baltimore and a Q&A with William Murphy Jr., attorney for the Gray family.
- U.S. drone strikes killed two hostages in Pakistan, the death of an American Taliban guy and a panel with Frances Townsend, Jeffrey Toobin, Peter Bergin and David Rohde; too much diecussion on what should have happened and what might have happened if the world was a perfect place or we lived in an alternate universe or something.
- a look insdie a police transport van and another panel with Sunny Hostin, Harry Houck and Lawrence Koblinsky saying nothing new.
- Boston Marathon bombing trial update and lengthy interview with Adrianne Haslet-Davis, one of the survivors
- more from Baltimore from Todd and Marquez.

On Friday I'll be watching 'The Amazing Race' but may check in during commercial breaks to see what Anderson is talking about.

Lastly, concerning comments in yesterday's ATA post, I love gaping at Anderson and in terms of adorableness he's light-years ahead of Hayes. Unfortunately, sometimes 360's news content sucks. And when it does, I check on what Hayes is covering or channelsurf.
I don't know who to blame when 360 sucks, whether it's Anderson, a flock of producers, a gaggle of CNN executive pinheads or Zucker. Right now, all I can do when 360 sucks is to change the channel.

aries moon said...

Why not do all of the segments of a report like the incident in Baltimore in one block and moving on instead of breaking them up and returning to them several more times during the show. Unless something earth-shattering happens, what's the point of going back and forth the way 360 always seems to do? They might be able to fit in OTHER news if they didn't just focus so much on one story.

There was no mention of Loretta Lynch finally being confirmed for Attorney General after having been stalled by Republicans for months on end. Will 360 even bother to report on her swearing in next week? It probably won't even make the bulletin knowing 360 and its aversion to all things Obama.

One other thing, Harry Houck represents cops well in that he seems exactly like the types who are usually singled out for excessive force, police brutality, bullying and corruption. I wish CNN/360 would stop using him.