Thursday, April 16, 2015

Anderson Cooper Talks To Jurors From Aaron Hernandez Trial

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair.  Much of the program centered around Anderson's interview with the jurors from the Aaron Hernandez trial:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

A couple of photos AC360 posted to Twitter today:

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

Roughly 80% of Thursday's 360 was about the Aaron Hernandez trial and verdict. It was the lead story and it wasn't until :50 into the hour that a different topic was covered.

At the start (before the start of ATA's first video) Anderson said, "I sat down with the jurors..." Past tense but when the interivew was aired it had the LIVE icon on). When Anderson started reviewing the case I changed the channel. Hayes' first report was on the Oklahoma volunteer police deputy who shot instead of tasered a suspect, followed by a variety of news stories.

I kept checking back to Anderson but he kept going on and on about Hernandez. At :42 there was a report on the prison Hernandez will spend the rest of his life in. Was anyone here so rivited to the Hernandez story that they stayed glued to 360 for the whole hour?
Anderson is still far more aborable than Hayes. Unfortunately, sometimes 360's content sucks. It doesn't help matters when Hayes and two other guys discuss the new 'Star Wars' trailer in 'Mystery Science Theatre 3000' format. My DH, who doesn't care about Anderson or Hayes, loved the 'MST3K' bit.

The other non-Hernandez news was on Doug Hughes, the guy who gyrocoptered onto the Capitol lawn in DC. There was a short Tom Foreman report about the geography of Hughes' takeoff place and landing spot.

Hopefully this show closes the book on Hernandez and he won't be brought up again. I'm hoping for better news content on Friday's 360.

aries moon said...

Earlier in the day a few of 360's producers excitedly tweeted that AC would be interviewing the Hernandez trial jurors--I appreciated the warning and didn't bother to watch. 360 makes a practice of covering trials excessively (to be fair, MSNBC has spent too much time on Hernandez as well) and then stretching things out entirely too long by talking to jurors. Hopefully any further news about Hernandez will be relegated to the bulletin. Meanwhile, 360 has all but ignored news regarding the hold up on the confirmation vote for Loretta Lynch for Attorney General, Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio's stances on same sex marriage, President Obama's new developments with Cuba. Why does 360 avoid covering REAL NEWS??

Unknown said...

As an interested Trial Watcher, I really appreciated this interview with the jury.

More people need to take an interest in our Justice System, instead of just complaining how "broken" it is.

Anderson asked all of the right questions, & has a face that makes people feel at ease answering him!

This Jury did an amazing job considering what they were given, & I appreciate their dedication to their civil duty!

Anonymous said...

I did not pay much attention to the trial because I had never heard of Aaron Hernandez. I also am not a football fan, but I have found these last two shows very interesting. Anderson did a good job interviewing the jury.
Also I am not a Chris Hayes fan, but I don't waste my time on the Chris Hayes fan site talking about how wonderful Anderson is.

Anonymous said...

I thought AC 360 has spent too much time on this trial. 20 minutes at the max would have been enough. Then more about the Presidential candidates, issues surrounding religious freedom laws and anti gay politicians. Its like they are keeping AC away from covering gay and lesbian issues lately. Weird. Why didn't they have him interview someone from Indiana that supported the bill, or other states making similar laws. AC360 is getting lazy.