Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 - The RidicuList: Bear Who Messed With Carl

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from the NYC studio and ended the program with a RidicuList:

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Jaanza said...

Although there was a good variety of stories on Tuesday's 360, I didn't like how time was allocated. The first segment started with a report on the ISIS-inspired gunman who shot at a Texan group holding a "draw Mohammed" event. This was serious news and you could easily fill a whole segmennt on what happened, who the gunman were, how much ISIS was involved and the issue of free speech.
Howver, after a report and a short Q&A with Pamela Brown, Baltimore took up the rest of the segment. There was a report by Ivan Perez consisting mostly of his interview with Police Commissioner Anthony Batts and then a panel with Sunny Hostin, Jeffrey Toobin and Sheriff David Clarke. While it was a good discussion on several points, I thought Hostin should have had a second chance to speak (because Toobin and Clarke did).

Anderson had poll results at the start of the second segment, a poll on differences of opinion between blacks and white about police and excessive force. This disjointly led into a Randi Kaye report about a Virginia man killed by the police and there are still no charges against the police officer. The report felt like filler.

I was glad to see a segment on the already underway 2016 Presidential campaign and a focus on Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately I started something in the microwave during Randi Kaye's report and had to get it out and organized during the Hillary segment. Oh well, I thought, I watch it later on the 360 website. Nope. Though there were four videos from tonight's show on the website, none of them was the Hillary Clinton segment.

One of the videos on the website is Anderson's discussion with Dr. Roshni Raj about David Goldberg's (Sheryl Sandberg's husband) ceath after falling off a treadmill. This was a terrible accident, condolences to the family but this should have been a blip in the Bulletin.
There wasn't a Bulletin.

Next was Gary Tuchman's report on the Wisconsin mom who saved two of her kids from a crazed gunman.

And last was the Ridiculist; a guy named Carl yelled at and punched a bear. Great to see the Ridiculist come back but this one wasn't one of the top ten.

And speaking of Top Tens, I'm hoping Anderson has a Ridiculist or says something about David Letterman retiring, about his appearances on 'The Late Show' or brings out Molly to perform a Stupid Pet Trick.

aries moon said...

I've seen posts on Twitter from people who've spotted Anderson at the gym running very fast on a treadmill--he may have had a personal interest in the David Goldberg story.

Loved that crazy loudmouth guy in the Ridiculist.