Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Anderson Cooper from Chicago to El Paso to NYC

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 on Monday, May 18th from El Paso, Texas.  The reason he was in El Paso, a 60 Minutes shoot.


Tuesday night, May 19th, found Anderson anchoring AC360 back in the NYC studio.

The Chicago Theatre posted some photos from Saturday night's "AC2" show to their Facebook page:

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

And he was on with Charlie Rose this morning.

Jaanza said...

I missed Monday's 360 but caught Tuesday's. I won't say I watched all of Tuesday's because I didn't; explanations to follow.

Tuesday's first segment was on the Texan biker gang shootout. Anderson talked to Kyung Lah, police officer Sgt. Patrick Swanton and Texas Monthly editor Skip Hollingsworth.
Although this may be still the biggest news of the day, I can't get into it and was disappointed when the second segment was all about the "Bandidos' Violent History". Hayes was interviewing Barney Frank and then reporting on Hillary Clinton's finances and emails.
360 should have devoted the second segment to covering ISIS taking over Ramadi.

Next on 360 was a report on Hillary Clinton's emails while Secretary of state. The report was done by Jeff Zeleny and the panel was Gloria Borger and Ana Malika Hnderson. One of the screen titles during the discussion was "Scrutiny Over Clinton Pals' Ties with Libya" which made me want to buy and read a book that came out a few years ago, "House of Bush, House of Saud". If you've ever seen the cover of this book, you'll know why I thought of it when I saw the 'Clinton Pal" screen title.

Next up was a Drew Griffin report on a fake cancer charity. Instead I watched Hayes' interview with Bill Carter about Letterman resigning.

Then there was "Army Captain Rescues People From Fiery Crash" and Anderson's interview with that guy, Captain Steve Vogelzon.

The last two minutes of the show was a promo for Jake Tapper's special coming up following 360 about David Letterman. I watched Tapper's special and liked most of it; it was just a little odd there was no mention of John McCain's non-appearance back in Sept. 2008. It was a big deal at the time and most Letterman fans have not forgotten it.