Thursday, June 18, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 Live From Charleston, SC on Thursday, June 18, 2015

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 Live from Charleston, South Carolina tonight.  There were reports, interviews and remembering the victims.  Anderson did state that he would be in South Carolina tomorrow (Friday) and tomorrow night.

An AC360 producer tweeted out the following behind the scenes photo:

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Jaanza said...

I expected Thursday's 360 to be entirely about the shooting and nine dead at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston SC. I didn't expect Anderson to be there but I'm glad he was.
Thanks for the photo tweeted by Chuck Hadad. It's a great picture. Most of the time on the show the camera angle made Anderson look like he was near a big white wall; it was hard to clarify that it was the church.

At the start Anderson gave an overview and Martin Savidge had more details on what happened. Anderson talked to Sylvia Johnson; her friend survived the shooting. I do not like these kind of second-hand interviews; "What did your friend say about..." Maybe it's too soon to get first-hand accounts; I checked out Hayes who was also in Charleston.

For the second segmnet there was a clip of Gov. Nikki Haley and then an interview with Mayor Joseph Riley Jr.

Next Drew Griffin reported more on the past of the suspect Dylann Roof and the investigation. Anderson had a Q&A with Richard Cohen from the Southern Poverty Law Center about racism and hate groups.

Gary Tuchman had information about a few of the victims and an interview with a family member. Anderson interviewed Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC).

360 showed the video of the bible study group shortly before the shooting took place. This was followed by a discussion with Don Lemon and Jeffrey Toobin.

Anderson ended the program with a closer look at the lives of the nine victims.

After 360, the CNN special "The Seventies" was broadcast. That surprised me. On Tuesday, ten days after the NY convicts escaped CNN had Don Lemon start his newshour right after 360 because there was so much news on the convicts...and Rachel Dolezol.
Today, with the church shooting hardly 24 hours old, still in the shock phase and still so many angles that could be covered, CNN broadcast a taped special on "The Seventies". So what if it was scheduled. CNN often changes their schedule when events warrant it. In yesterday's post Aries Moon said CNN was criticized for not enough coverage of the church shooting. There was a great deal of coverage of it today but keeping "The Seventies" on the schedule just seems like a dumb move.

Anonymous said...

Jon Stewart has a wonderful monologue on Huffpost addressing the Charleston shooter and racism in
this country that clearly exists. It is also the reason Stewart will be missed when he leaves his anchor chair in August. There is none like him.

Anonymous said...

After all the hand wringing stops and the question of why is asked thousands of times, will President Obama DEMAND that South Carolina take down its Confederate flag? I know this falls under States rights, but the Civil War is over, so legally the flag should NOT be allowed to fly over
the State Capitol. This is an imperative that must be addressed during this administration. To ignore it, is hypocrisy.