Friday, June 12, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 on Friday, June 12, 2015

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from an undisclosed studio in Florida.  There were Twitter sightings of him earlier in the day in Miami.

Not making the broadcast due to breaking news:

Anderson and Anthony Bourdain talk Spam and Hawaii.

Tomorrow, Saturday, Anderson is the keynote luncheon  speaker for Collaborate Marketplace in Orlando, Florida.

And on Sunday, 60 Minutes will re-air Anderson's story on "The Smartest Dog in the World" ~

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Jaanza said...

At 5 pm CST (6 pm EST), I saw the start of the "Situation Room". Blitzer's sub previewed the big stories coming up: Joyce Mitchell's upcoming arrest, the search for the NY fugitives, non-black NAACP chapter President Dolezal and Obama and Congressional Democrats disagreeing about the Pacific trade deal.

Later on 360, the NY fugitives story got three segments. I was back and forth for much of that coverage but did see
- Alexandra Field report
- Randi Kaye report
- panel with Mark Geragos and Sunny Hostin
- panel with John Cuff and Robert Fernandez
- Tom Foreman report on women who have relationships with convicts (the 3rd or 4th subh report this week)
- a talk with Mary Ellen O'Toole

Then there was a segment on Rachel Doleful, the chapter President of the NAACP in Spokane WA and whether she's black or white. Anderson talked to Paul Vercammen and Michaela Angela Davis.

As I said earlier, I was switching back and forth. So I didn't see the start of the segment with Jim Acosta. The part I did see was Anderson and Acosta discussing the recent computer hacking / breach and what it means for national security. If they talked about any other big news of the day, like the Pacific trade deal or the end of the Iowa straw poll, I missed it.

The last minute was an update on Mitchell and the NY fugitives.

Yesterday one of the commenters said she enjoyed seeing the NY fugitve story get so much attention. Okay, there you go. I'm glad somebody appreciated those reports. Maybe I'm just too quickly burned out on crime stories.

Again, Hayes had better content. He covered the wrangling over the Pacific trade deal, the end of the Iowa straw poll and Rachel Doleful. "All In" had a short segment on the NY fugitives. I'm really enjoying a feature that's been on for a few Fridays now, "All In at the Movies". This time it was all about the "Jurassic World" movie and surrounding hoopla.

The usual Anthony Bourdain promo didn't make it in due to all the breaking news? I didn't miss it one bit but time easily could have been taken from the over half-hour of NY fugitves and helper news.

I'm looking forward to the repeat of Anderson's "60 Minutes" report on the very smart dog. People should remember this one (among many others) when they say Anderson only interviews celebrities for '60 Minutes".
Such a cute doggie.

aries moon said...

Happy to see Mark Geragos back on the show again, he was on about a week ago too--a good change from Harry Houck, although I'll give Houck credit for saying that Texas pool cop was indeed out of control. AC had a good conversation with Mark Lamont Hill and Michaela Angela Davis on Rachel Dolezal who claims to be black and whose parents beg to differ--very bizarre story and it would be interesting to know what exactly drove her to the decision she made to identify as black.