Monday, June 15, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 on Monday, June 15, 2015

Anderson Cooper anchored a two hour expanded edition of AC360.

Anderson tweeted a link to his 70s playlist found on

amfAR tweeted a reminder that Anderson would be hosting their Inspiration Gala on Tuesday night in NYC:

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aries moon said...

Good segments and discussions about the escaped prisoners and Rachael Dolezal and AC had a nice interview with a first responder dealing with shark attack victims. Former corrections officer Anthony Gangi certainly is a hothead--he needs to take it down a few notches. Didn't pay much attention to the Jeb BUSH segment but it looked like it was a softball, fawning treatment of Jeb. NoMorBushes is all I have to say about him.

If AC actually chose the songs on his Spotify playlist and it wasn't cooked up by an assistant and passed off as his own, I have to compliment him on it--many of my all time favorite songs are on his list. AC really knows his classic soul/R&B and disco!

Jaanza said...

Like Friday I was two minutes late to 360 and like Friday I came in during a Randi Kaye report about the NY escaped convicts. Today there was more information about Joyce Mitchell, the prison worker who helped Matt and Sweat. Anderson talked to a panel of Jeffrey Toobin, Matt Logan and Anthony Gangi. I didn't stay for most of the panel.

Second segment, same topic. More focus on Mitchell. I didn't get the reporters name but the panel was Robert Fernandez and Denny DePaul. I looked around elsewhere on the TV.

On Friday, the computer spellcheck changed "Dolezal" to "doleful". I'll try to catch that today. Rachel Dolezal resigned as President of the Spokane WA chapter of the NAACP. Stephanie Elam reported the details. Gary Tuchman had a report about / interview with Dolezal's adoped brother Jack but I didn't see most of it.

Tom Foreman reported on shark attacks off the North Carolina coast and Anderson interviewed Marie Hildreth who helped care for one of the teenage victims.

Very late in the show was the international news that one Al Queda guy was reported killed in Yemen and another in Libya. Anderson talked to Jim Scuitto about it. There was a Bulletin at the end of this segment. The second blip in the Bulletin was the news of Jeb Bush officially announcing he's running for President in 2016.

Earlier I saw the start of the Situation Room. Blitzer's sub's first story was the Al Queda guys, her second story was Jeb Bush. I don't like Jeb anymore than Dubya but felt like his announcement (finally after months of fundraising) was worth a segment and analysis. The NY prison break story should not have been the lead and should not have had two segments.
Regretfully, I'm predicting much of the same line-up tomorrow. The NY convicts and Mitchell will be first, followed by Dolezal because she's giving an interview to the 'Today Show' tomorrow morning and that will be spotlighted. Then a crime story or flood story (whether from Texas or the Republic of Georgia). Whatever political, Congressional or judicial news happens it will be given short shrift, if any time at all.
So let's see what happens on Tuesday and how close my prediction is. Will Anderson even be at 360? Is the Amfar event schedule making Anderson unable to anchor?

Jaanza said...

@AriesMoon - there WAS a Jeb Bush segment and I missed it? Actually that wouldn't surprise me because when I channel surf I sometimes get caught up in another program and miss chunks of 360. I don't like Jeb either but he is a real contender among the dozen or so GOP candidates running right now.