Thursday, June 11, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 on Thursday, June 11, 2015

Anderson Cooper was back in the AC360 anchor chair and the NYC studio.   The closest thing to a political segment was when Anderson talked to Jake Tapper about his new State of The Union program and showed a clip of Tapper's interview with Bill Clinton:

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Jaanza said...

Randi Kaye's report on the NY escaped convicts was already going on when I joined the show. The report focused on the search for the two men. Deborah Feyerick focused on the woman, last name Mitchell, who helped the guys. Then Anderson questioned Andrew Wylie, the local district attorney, about the details.

That was all the info I needed on the escaped convicts but the story continued in the second segment. Anderson talked to a panel of two men and one woman; the ony name I got was Robert Fernandez. I changed the chennel

The third segment started with John Walsh's perspective on the New York case and again I changed the channel. Checking back later there was a Gary Tuchman report on police dogs. I missed most of Gary's report and I'm sorry about that because when I had jury duty the police dog was an important element in the case. So hopefully Gary's report was more on police dogs in general and not specific to the NY search.

A judge has declared there's neough probable cause to arrest the cop who shot Tamir Rice. This was Martin Savidge's report. Rice was the 12-year-old shot for carrying an air rifle in Cleveland OH by a cop who showed up just seconds earlier. This segment also had a Pamela Brown update on the Savopoulos murder investigation in Washington DC.

I would have appreciated the clip of Jake Tapper interviewing Bill Clinton if the gist of it was more than donations made to the Clinton Global Initiative while Hillary was Sect. of State. The onscreen title was "Bill Clinton Defends Foundation Donations" as though there was something vastly wrong. Where's the interview with any of the GOP candidates and their donors? Or how Jeb Bush is accepting money for his presidential run but not officially declared and therefore not having to follow campaign finance rules? Tapper when talking to Anderson, said that later he asked Bill Clinton to size up the GOP canididates, "...and he talked for ten minutes." Why culdn't we see some of that here?

The last minute was an update on the manhunt for the NY escaped convicts.

Anderson is a better journalist than Hayes. But Thursday "All In with Hayes" had way better content than 360. If on Friday the NY search goes on but finds nothing, I want this story limited to one segment.

aries moon said...

It would be nice if 360 would include ONE segment of political news each night but AC and/or his staff don't appear to be all that interested in it. I wonder if they'll even report on the big upcoming SCOTUS decisions (Obamacare & same sex marriage) at all.

Anonymous said...

I am very interested in the escaped prisoners story so I am glad they are devoting so much time to this.
That said, AC360 has really changed. It is all crime stories. There used to be a variety of stories. I wonder if Anderson is happy about this?

CWM84 said...

I miss the hard charging AC and keeping them honest. Everything is devoted to chatter on crime and panel discussions. Ac360 seems to have given political things and politicians in particular... no reports on gay issues or nothing. I don't like how the program has changed. They have took a more passive approach to stories.

aries moon said...

It is weird how AC360 has been avoiding covering some of the LGBT news that's been happening in certain states--the GOP in Michigan passed a law banning gay adoptions and North Carolina now has a law that allows magistrates to refuse to perform marriages if it's 'offensive' to their religious views--this law was mainly put in place to stop same sex couples from marrying, but it also can affect any couple who wants to marry. These are important stories that deserve some discussion on 360. There was a time when AC would cover LGBT issues more than he is now--that was before he was out! I'm assuming it's his producers who are making these decisions to go all crime all of the time on 360.