Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 on Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from the NYC studio.  Included in the program was a segment on the debate to take down the confederate flag:

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Jaanza said...

Tuesday's 360 made me think of an ATA poster from last week. The name was CMT84 or something similar. Anyway, the poster was totally okay with all the segments on the excaped NY convicts and appreciated all the time Anderson spent on this story.
Well, today's show was for you. Three segments and more than half the hour. There wwas new news on the convicts: evidence of them in a cabin 20 miles from the prison, evidence they left there in a hurry, new search of the area and new details on how Joyce Mitchell helped Sweat and Matt. In the first segment there were reports by Gary Tuchman and Jason Carroll.
Second segment was mostly a panel of Chris Swecker, Shane Hober and another guy.
Third segment focused on Joyce's husband Lyle Mitchell's interview with Matt Lauer. Anderson talked to Jeffrey Toobin about what Lyle said.
While this story was being covered I watched pieces of Hayes' show.

The best segment was the same one ATA has posted: the controversy about the Confederate flag. Drew Griffin had the report and he's not one of my favorite 360 reporters but I liked his work here. The South Carolina legislature agreed to debate taking the Confederate flag off the Capitol grounds. Griffin's report centered on two of the ten House members to vote against even talking about moving the flag. "After the vote, they mostly scattered," said Grittin, "We caught up with two of them though." Those two State Reps. were Christopher Corley and William Chumley. Corley came across as a lame weasel (to paraphrase, 'this isn't the prorper procedure') and Chumley was a more twisterly weasel in how weasely he evaded and spun.

Next was a segment on the Freddie Gray autopsy report. Gray was the black man who's neck injury at the hands of the Baltimore police caused his death. Justin Fenton and Lawrence Koblinsky was the panel.

The last segment was a short report on Sean "Diddy" Combs being charged with assault for hitting his son's football coach at UCLA. I don't know who did the report; I spent most of this time wondering why this wasn't just a blip in the Bulletin and why there wasn't a Bulletin.

I predict the NY convicts, Sweat and Matt, won't be caught tomorrow even though a few officials were expecting their capture to be very soon. Despite not being captured, they will still lead 360 on Wednesday.

CWM84 said...

AC360 should be titled crime and punishment. That's the main focus of the show these days. Majority of the program was about the two fugitives who escaped from prison and the bizarre actions of the now jailed prison guard. The most hilarious or bizarre, either way you can look at was the meat packed with tools! I've heard it all now... AC seemed perplexed as to why the meat wasn't put through a metal detector by another prison worker. The whole thing was another loony part of this story. For the record if these two killers are still in the area or nyc for that matter, I don't know how they haven't been caught by now. What are they hiding under dirt? The Charleston segment was interesting as one local law maker basically said they victims should have defended themselves against the maniacal racist who came in and killed 9 people. It reminded of the NRA saying that they should have been armed. Which is pretty ludicrous to say.... but then again we may just live in such a dangerous and evil world where we aren't safe anywhere anymore that guards are so maybe needed in every public place. Something to be discussed. Freddie Gray case update was next as the autopsy report was released or leaked. It just confirmed that his spine was broke and that it probably took place in the van. I still think he was injuries well before the rough ride he received... anyway not a bad show, just wished they spent more time covering the presidential race and covering glbt issues again, as both are being ignored right now. I hope AC covers the SCOTUS decision on same sex marriage and the fate of Obamacare subsidiaries.