Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 on Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Anderson Cooper was in the NYC studio anchoring AC360 live on Wednesday night.

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Jaanza said...

Wednesday's 360 had three stories. I was five minutes late and deja vu! There's Randi Kaye with another report on the NY escaped convicts and helper Joyce Mitchell. Alexandra Field reported on husband Lyle Mitchell and what did he know about his wife's relationship with Richard Matt and about the excape plan.
This story got three segments and half of the show. The second segment was mostly Anderson's interview with Andrew Wylie, district attorney.
I missed the start of the third segment; the report appeared to be about the Clinton prison. Anderson talked to a panel of John Cuff, Chris Swecker and Michael Tabman about the whole story.

Squeezed in the middle of the show was a report on an near collision of two planes at Chicago Midway airport. Rene Marsh had the details.

Rachel Dolezal got two segments because she continues to give interviews and continues to say batty things. There was a clip from her interview with "NBC Nightly News". Anderson, Dr. Drew Pinsky and Sunny Hostin discussed race and Dolezal's issues with her "alleged" parents. The on-screen title during most of this segment was "Rachel Dolezal Asked To Quit Police Oversight Board" but that issue was barely mentioned. The discussion was mostly about race and the psychology of racial identity.
Next was another panel on Dolezal, this time with a panel of Angela Tucker and Charles Blow.

Longtime AC360 viewers may remember Anderson's segment on the Donald Trump/Rosie O'Donnell feud a few years ago. Anderson had fun munching popcorn and dissing both parties but I think Trump got the most of it. I imagine Anderson would have fun tearing apart Trump's presidential campaign but so far nothing. Is it just too silly to mention? Does Anderson really truly not want to cover politics anymore? Does he think his disdain for Trump would come across and that just won't do in the more right-oriented CNN?
On yesterday's post, CWM84 stated Anderson seems bored and uninterested in 360. That could be the case. I don't know what else would explain how crime stories get a great deal of attention to the expense of other news. I gotta believe Anderson wants to do a scathing report on Trump. However, that might take time and energy and he'd rather just read the crime stories his producers shove in front of the camera.

aries moon said...

AC might be bored with most of the content on 360 but he does seem to be interested in the Rachael Dolezal story--he's had several segments and panels on her and even did the voice-over to one of the reports--something he rarely does these days--the motivation for her self-deception and the complex racial issues it touches on seems to fascinate him. SOME stories seem to get his attention and he wants to dig deeper into them--but I can certainly understand it if he's bored by the crime reports. I wonder if he'll be covering the mass shooting at the black church in South Carolina--CNN is being criticized for its coverage or lack of it.

I think AC's contract is up in 2016--he'll be around to cover the elections but who knows, he might not renew. As bored as he seems most of the time on 360, it's probably best if he moves on...but to what?

Anonymous said...

He could do 60 minutes full time. They have offered it to him full time before. Probably would do so again, especially since I do not believe they have a replacement for Bob Simon. He could do that until Trebek is done at Jeopardy since Sony email hacks confirmed he was a possible host front-runner. I just really think he wants some sort of change but who knows what that could be. I saw someone suggest a radio gig in the mid-morning on a Sirius channel.