Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 on Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Anderson Cooper anchored an expanded two hour edition of AC360 from the NYC studio.  In the 8pmET hour Anderson interviewed Rep Mark Sanford (R) South Carolina concerning his stance on taking down the confederate flag:

In the 9pmET hour there was a segment on remembering Rev. Clementa Pinckney:

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Jaanza said...

This afternoon when I heard about Boston Marathon bomber making an apology in court and being sentenced, I thought that would be 360's lead story And my prediction yesterday of the lead being the escaped NY convicts wouldn't be true.
However, by 8 pm, Tsarnaev was on the back burner and the NY convicts got not only the lead but also the next two segments.
Another prison guard, Palmer, was arrested for helping Sweat and Matt escape. Jason Carroll reported the details, Anderson talked to Jeffrey Toobin by phone and when I checked back later he was interviewing District Attorney Andrew Wylie.
Hayes' first segment was on the Confederate flag controversy.

The second segment had a report by Gary Tuchman about the search around Owl's Head NY and a talk with Chris Swecker.

The third segment focused on prison guard Palmer. Anderson had a Q&A with a man named Gavin (didn't catch his whole name).

Next Anderson reported on State Senator Clemente Pinckney's body lying in state at the Capitol. Martin Savidge reported on bible study resuming at Emanuel AME Church and other details. Back to Anderson he showed a clip of State Rep. Chumley from Drew Griffin's report yesterday. Chumley apologized today for some of his remarks. Anderson, 'I spoke with Rep. Mark Sanford earlier...' and it's times like these that make the LIVE icon in the corner really stand out. Nevertheless, it was a good interview with Sanford; it's the first video ATA has posted today. To paraphrase Sanford, 'I changed my position because it was expedient to do so'. Anderson called him out on this, asking if he changed his mind simply due to public opinion. Sanford danced around that point and said it was important to mourn first and then talk about the issues. What a weasel.

The last segment of the first hour was about Boston Marathon bomber Tsarnaev. Deborah Feyerick reported on his apology, the reactions and the sentencing.

Hour number two started out a lot like the first hour did - Palmer and the NY escaped convicts. I didn't watch the rest.

Some people really like all the coverage of the NY convicts. That must be the feedback 360 is getting. I would be alright with just a two-minute update update. Unfortunately for me, unless something big happens somewhere else - bigger than Tsarnaev today - tomorrow's 360 will also have a huge amount of time on the NY convicts.

aries moon said...

360's overdoing the escaped inmate story, but I did enjoy AC's interview with the Dannemora ex-con who had some good insight on some of the people involved in the case.

I saw an article that suggested that Don Lemon replace Anderson in the 8pm hour because he's gotten a lot of attention and stirs up controversy and gets people talking. I'm not sure how long AC plans to stay with CNN but I hope the big bosses don't go for that idea--Don Lemon comes off like an opportunistic, bomb-throwing phony to me and he's expressed views on race and racism that I find completely offensive. Cable news is a cutthroat business and I suppose no one's job is safe, but Lemon's become an embarrassment and a clown and giving him a more prominent role on CNN will only serve to destroy whatever's left of their credibility.

CWM84 said...

AC360 Aka crime in punishment. More of escaped murderers and more on murderers and a little on Charleston. Other things are happening that are being ignored on cnn. Likely the Scotus will issue rulings on same sex marriage for the nation and obamacare subsidiaries today. But I doubt they would be the big stories, if the decisions come today. I don't know who is producing AC360 but to me too much time are focused on these escaped killers. Its a big story but they seem to want it bigger than it is. This isn't the first time because have escaped jail before. Again AC looked like he is just going through the motions, basically there to do his job but there's not much energy going on in his anchoring. I miss KTH on politicians and scams and AC traveling to stories over the globe. About the flag on Charleston, he did an interview with former gov sanford and kinda needlessly pressed him on his views on the Confederate flag. I found his pressing on the former Governor's views a bit much, especially when the now congressman said they flag doesn't mean anything to him. Just my two cents. AC seemed not to want to believe him. It came off to me a bit ridiculous to keep pressing him on the views of the flag. AC360 Seems to focus much of its content on crime or race these days. Someone should tell them, there are other things happening in the country, world. They being so stubborn, I doubt the producers would listen.

Anonymous said...

I have found the coverage of the escaped prisoners to be very interesting so I am happy with the coverage. I am not happy though with the way it seems like Anderson Cooper is being pushed aside. Jake Tapper and Don Lemon are getting all the attention and I don' t like either one of them.

aries moon said...

SCOTUS has upheld Obamacare. Will AC360 even cover it tonight?

There's an article about Anderson's new home in Trancoso and AC says he loves his job so much he doesn't want to retire but who knows what may happen to him at CNN considering that Don Lemon and Jake Tapper seem to be gaining more prominence there these days. At least AC will still have 60 Minutes. It's also possible that he'll renew his CNN contract, he seems very loyal to them.

CWM84 said...

Don lemon is not doing journalism... cnn has let him loose to be a commentator. He seems very biased against whites and and all cases makes things about race. He also seems very arrogant and cocky... not a fan of his. I once sent him a tweet to say he inspired people by coming and he sent me a link to buy his book. CNN is making him a too outspoken buffoon...