Monday, June 01, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 - The RidicuList: Soccer Bawl + CNN at 35

Anderson Cooper was back in the anchor chair and anchored AC360 from the NYC studio.  He ended the program with a RidicuList:

Today was actually CNN's 35th birthday.  Anderson spoke with Brooke Baldwin on CNN Newsroom during the 3PMET hour:

He was also on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer:

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Jaanza said...

Monday's 360 had a good variety of stories but I still wandered over to Hayes occasionally. I got to 360 seven minutes late and didn't understand the "Secret Deaths" report by Elizabeth Cohen. It was kind of a slow news day, just about anything could have been the lead story. I can't really comment on the 'Secret Deaths' report because I missed so much of it. At the same time Hayes was reporting on Burce/Caitlyn Jenner and I watched the rest of that, figuring like the FIFIA scandal, Anderson wouldin't report this story.

The second segment covered the news of the TSA doing a lousy job detecting weapons and other unallowed stuff in a security test at several airports. Rene Marsh had the details and Drew Griffin filed a report. I watched this segment up until the Griffin report started.

My favorite segment was on the Savopoulos family and housekeeper murder. The family has been laid to rest and the prime suspect's attorney is simultaneously reaching into the far corners of space and down to the bottom of the barrel to get his client, Wint, free. The attorney, Robin Ficker, said Wint is innocent because he's from a large family, because he doesn't like pizza and the murders were an inside job. Usually I don't like Harry Houck that much but he did a great job blasting back at Ficker with reality.

Anderson did cover Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner. There was a look at the photo session for the Vanity Fair cover and a talk with Dr. Drew Pinsky. On one hand, Jenner looks good. OTOH, extreme photoshopping.

Filler segment of the night was Gary Tuchman's report on the Scott family dealing with the fatal police shooting murder of family member Walter. This was the South Carolina incident that was caught on video by a bystander. The focus of Tuchman's report was a Scott family reunion and how various family members feel about forgiveness towards Officer Slager. Instead I watched Hayes cover 'death by police shooting' in a broader, national sense.

The Ridiculist had a promising start but then fell off a cliff. Anderson started with a look at FIFA guy Jack Warner trying to defend himself by pointing to an article by The Onion. I was looking for 360 to report on FIFA late last week and it didn't happen but here it was. This was going to be clever commentary on how ridiculoualy corrupt FIFA is and how ridiculous it is to hold a spoirts tournament in Qatar in 2022 where it will be 120 in the shade (not to mention the human rights abuses). Nope. Anderson turned inward and The Ridiculist turned into a look at The Onion. Specifically, the times when Anderson was mentioned in the Onion and a clip of him interviewing staff members. Didn't we see that just a couple weeks ago?

aries moon said...

Anderson had some interesting comments during the Caitlyn Jenner segment but other than that, there wasn't anything else on 360 that held my attention. Looks like crime reports will be a regular feature on 360 just so they'll have an excuse to shove the obnoxious Harry Houck in our faces every night.

Maybe I missed something (I was flipping between Hayes and 360), but there seemed to be no mention on 360 of the sad passing of Vice President Biden's son Beau--you'd think that would warrant a brief acknowledgement at least--he was a decorated Iraq War veteran--something AC usually holds a great deal of respect for. Wrong political party perhaps?