Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Happy Birthday Anderson Cooper !

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from the NYC studio and in lieu of a RidicuList, there was a birthday surprise!

It looks like Anderson did go to Andy's after the program and got some birthday love from Andy's dog, Wacha!


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aries moon said...

Apparently the Duggar interview was even worse than the clips that AC showed and they did themselves no favors in it--they seem to think THEY are the victims and they actually made a comparison between rape and child molestation, implying that molestation wasn't "as bad" as rape. These people are sick and twisted and instead of moralizing and judging others, they should be off tv and in jail--their children would probably be better for it.

Always love when AC's birthday comes around--that party hat messed up AC's hair for a minute but he wasn't about to let that go on too long. He's still looking good at 48. I thought I read that Wacha bit him once, but they look to have settled their differences.

Jaanza said...

Even though it was Anderson's birthday (something I forgot until the last segment), I watched Hayes sometimes during Wednesday's 360. For the first segment, Anderson had more on the ISIS-inspired suspect who was killed by Boston police a few days ago; more information has been made public about the terror plots he was cooking up. Alexandra Field had the report; Robert Baer and Juliette Kayyem were the panel. Hayes was covering GOP 2016 presidential candidates and the stupid things they say about women.

i loved the second segment about the Duggar parents trying to explain away son Josh's past as a sexaul molester of his sisters. There was a clip from FOX from the Megan Kelly interview. I've seen longer clips elsewhere and overall it wasn't as softball as I thought it would be. And I thought the softballs would be softer than marshmellows. However, it appears that the Duggars got the questions beforehand and crafted and prepared their answers. Randi Kaye had a report detailing some of Josh's molestation history and parental cover-up. The panel with Dr. Drew Pinsky and Areva Martin was very good. Besides all the ususl points, there was also some talk about Josh's non-sister victim and her parents.

Next up was an update on the Savopoulos murder investigation.

The Baltimore Police Chief made a speech today about looters and there was new video of a pharmacy being looted. I think that's the only reason Baltimore and its rising crime rate got a segment today. Anderson talked to Harry Houck, Mark Puente and VanJones. It was a discussion which began sounding so redundant and deja vu that I switched to Hayes.

Another update report or part two or a follow-up, was Elizabeth Cohen's report on the Florida hospital and their poor rate of success when performing heart surgery on babies. This was an addendum to Monday's lead story "Secret Deaths".

Happy Birthday, Anderson! If I could have given you anything I would have given you a better birthday celebration than 360's last segment. I remember your birthday celebrations from years past and they were fun and a little crazy. The one today was lame; a shadowy staff member brought out cake, a few streamers and balloons and a pointy hat. When Andy Cohen and Kelly Ripa called in, I thought 'gee, that sucks they couldn't show up in person, they both must be out of town' but then I read here on ATA that at least Cohen WAS in town. It was just sad-looking seeing Anderson with his cake but all alone on the set.
Anderson, I hope you got a rocking good party later.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday, Anderson Cooper. I love you. You are one smart and a beautiful man. I love you to the moon and back. Meeting you in person is on my Bucket List.