Monday, July 20, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 on Monday, July 20, 2015

Anderson Cooper was back in the anchor chair for a 1 1/2 hour edition of AC360.  Cooper anchored from the NYC studio and no surprise the lead story was Trump.  Enjoy the rather odd panel discussion on "The Donald's" latest.  Perhaps Anderson was suffering from a bit of jet-lag?

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Jaanza said...

Although I don't like Trump as a candidate, at least he's getting politics to the front burner on 360. A recent Washington Post/ABC News poll puts Trump on top of GOP presidential hopefuls so we're going to be dealing with Trump for a while. Brianna Keller had the report on Trump's McCain comment and other GOP hopefuls comments on Trump's comment. Anderson showed a longer clip of Trump's comment to avoid accusations the comment was taken out of context.
The panel was Jeffrey Lords, Charles Blow and via phone, Sharyl Atkisson. I'm glad Anderson asked Lords about veterans rights but wish he had brought up McCain's poor voting record on veteran aid bills in Congress. I liked Blow's remark, "His candidacy itself is a joke" and had good reasons backing up his reasons for saying that. I especially liked Blow blowing off Lords who was trying to interrupt him, "I'm not talking to you." I didn't much like Lords before but now I've lost all rrespect for him when he said he listens to Rush Limbaugh three hours a day.
Survey Question - who's worse, Jeffrey Lords or Ari Fleischer or a different right-wing pundit on 360?

In the second segment Anderson interviewed Kathy Wells, mother of one of the Marines shot in Chattanooga last week. I spent most of this segment watchiing Hayes' segment on Trump/McCain. When I got back, Gary Tuchman's report on the shooter Abdulazeez was already in progress.

I also barely watched the report of new details on NY convicts Sweat and Matt escape and tunnels; just not interested.

My favorite segment was the Bill Cosby one. More of his 2005 deposition has been made public and the guy is such a disgusting creep. Jean Casarez had a great report and Sunny Hostin and Mark Geragos had a terrific discussion.

Of course, the footage of pro sufer Mick Fanning's shark attack was going to be on the show. Anderson loves shark attack news. Fanning's was during a competition off the South Africa coast and was caught on camera. David McKenzie had the report. I predict an interview with Fanning later this week.

The first hour of Monday's 360 was pretty good. I didn't watch the rest.

aries moon said...

Trump's right about one thing--John McCain and other Republicans haven't done a good job of supporting vets--Anderson brought in a guest later in the show to claim otherwise, but the facts are out there--you just aren't going to see anything critical about McCain on 360. Members of both parties seemed to rush to McCain's defense when Trump questioned his hero status, but few of them could ever be bothered when Republicans and their constituents were disrespecting President Obama left and right ever since he stepped into the White House. President Obama has had to deal with idiots like Trump questioning his citizenship and never ending racism and disgusting insults directed at him and his wife and children--Hillary Clinton jumped to defend McCain but never said one word when President Obama and family were subjected to the nastiness of Republicans. I'm pissed with Republicans AND Democrats about this. McCain served his country and was tortured (as were many others) but that does not exempt him from all criticism or any questioning of his character--a closer look at his history shows that he isn't quite the hero that we're led to believe.

Anderson seemed annoyed and irritated when I watched that panel segment live--but after watching it again, he just seems VERY rushed--like he's trying to get through the show as fast as possible. He seemed to be having trouble forming his questions and later he ended the show quite abruptly before the second hour was up. I thought since John Berman sat in for him a couple of days last week that he might've started his vacation but I'm not sure what's going on. He didn't seem like he wanted to be anchoring or something.