Monday, July 06, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 on Monday, July 6, 2015

Anderson Cooper anchored an expanded 2 hour edition of AC360 from the NYC studio.  If anyone is interested in video of a certain segment, please leave a request in comments.

Anderson posted the following photos to his Instagram page on the 4th of July:




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Jaanza said...

At the start of Monday's 360, I was glad there was a brand new news story in the lead, indeed breaking news. A deposition made by Bill Cosby in 2005 has been released and in it he admits to buying Quaaludes to give to women before sex. Big big news. Randi Kaye had further details and then a panel of Areva Martin, Dr. Drew Pinsky and Mark O'Mara. It was a good discussion going into the legalities and psychology.

In the second segment, Anderson interviewed Patti Masten, one of the 48 women accusing Cosby of rape. Masten stated what happened to her and how she feels about Cosby's admitting to getting drugs to have sex with women.

The Masten interview continued in the next segment with further analysis by Martin, Pinsky and O'Mara. This story is brand new and 360's coverage was very good but did it need three segments? I would have appreciated it if Anderson also covered the confederate flag debate in the South Carolina legislature or the number of gun deaths in Chicago over the weekend.
Monday's 360 had two stories: Cosby and Kathryn Steinle.

Kathryn Steinle was a young woman shot and killed in San Francisco by Lopez Sanchez, a Mexican immigrant with a criminal history who's been deported five times. As tragic and horrible Ms. Steinle's death is, it would not receive so much attention if it wasn't for Donald Trump and his comment on Mexican immigrants being rapists and killers. Part of this segment was on Steinle's death and part was on Trump now saying "I told you so." Sara Sidner had the report and Jeff Zeleny had more on the political aspects. Anderson talked to Ana Navarro and Sheriff Paul Babeu. Navarro stated Trump was "exploiting this tragedy" and "the system failed this woman". Babau also blamed "failures in the system". Navarro, when commenting on the number of Mexican immigrants, said there are "a few bad apples" in any large group of people and as an example mentioned the gun deaths in Chicago over the weekend. This was the only mention of Chicago in the first hour.

The last segment of the first hour was Anderson's interview with Brad Steinle, Kathryn's brother. It was a touching and sometimes heartbreaking interview.

The second hour started out exactly like the first: Coby, Quaaludes and here's Randi Kaye with more. I didn't watch the rest.

Why doesn't Anderson look happier about canoeing? Rowing a canoe in a nice area is the best. Was it not a nice area? The first and third pictures are a little swampy.

CWM84 said...

Monday's show was pretty good. Good coverage on cosby's admission which was just despicable! But the allege victims account was very powerful. Good panel, especially Dr.Drew who said it best when he couldn't explain such horrific behavior of violation. The coverage of the murder of victim by an illegal Mexican immigrant was very sad. I'll skip the political debate and just focus on her story and her brother's grace doing the interview. It got me a little emotional which is rare when looking at t.v. programming. Going forward they are going to have to get a handle on this deporting and keep those who break the law deported. The killer was deported 5 times and kept being allowed back, something is absolutely wrong about that. So yes it was a tragic incident but one that certainly that could have been prevented. The second hour they did cover the bloody weekend in Chicago. 45 shot, 7 dead including a 7 year old. Just a sick and sad situation as gangs are just destroying communities and wiping out generations of people. There needs to be more outrage and urgency to stop the continued mayhem in Chicago. But I have a feeling because of the demographics of victims that it isn't on the highest priority to get a handle on it. No real coverage on the Confederate flag debate. Would have been nice if AC360 showed and discussed the opening of the debate by Senator Bright, who went on an anti gay rant. Really exposed himself as a complete nutjob! Saying the "devil" is taking control because of same sex marriage. Really loony stuff. He didn't say anything about the flag but how Christians are being "attacked" and how they should stop same sex marriage. Perhaps Sen Bright feels we should live in a theocratic society and everyone should follow and live by his rules. Nutjob alert on Sen Bright. AC mentioned the Clinton interview and a special KTH segment for her. But yet he has yet to do any KTH on the gop hopefuls. I feel AC360 will start to go on the attack on Hilary soon to wage more support for their republican viewers. Not a bad show overall.