Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 on Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Anderson Cooper anchored an expanded two hour edition of AC360 from the NYC studio.  Two stories dominated the two hour program.  The latest on Bill Cosby and Brianna Keilar's interview with Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

8pmET Hour, Hillary Clinton interview segment:

Follow up discussion:

9pmET Hour, More of the Hillary Clinton interview and follow up discussion:

AC360 tweeted about Anderson's sit down with "The Donald" tomorrow.

AC360 Transcript
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Jaanza said...

Bill Cosby and Hillary Clinton each got two segments on Tuesday's 360. Cosby was first; Anderson gave an overview and then a report taking a closer look at the 2005 deposition which included the Quaaludes questions. A technical snafu cut the report short. After a question or two to Boris Sanchez, Anderson turned to the panel. This panel was Mark Geragos, Areva Martin and Dr. Drew Pinsky. It was a terrific Q&A and everybody had very good comments.

At the start of the second segment Anderson announced that a cable channel (didn't catch which one) just dropped 'The Cosby Show' from their schedule. Randi Kaye's report, all on the history of Cosby not responding to the rape allegations, could have been boiled down to a few sentences by Anderson. That would have given more time to the interview with Beverley Johnson. Johnson also accused Cosby of drugging and assault and I would have liked to hear more from her. Besides the basic story of what happened with Cosby, it was interesting to hear how she included it in her book but her editor and publisher told her to take it out. Johnson could have said a lot more about why and how women are silenced and why and how we need to speak up.

If Hillary Clinton hadn't done the interview with Brianna Keller, would she have had this much time on 360? The interview was shown first on 'The Situation Room' and when shown again on 360, it had the LIVE icon on.
It was an okay interview. I was irked, however, on the honesty/trustworthyness poll and Keller too often bringing this up. I would love it if there was a poll on the perceived honesty/trustworthyness of the GOP guys. Then compare the two. Hillary had a smart answer though, basically saying 'the voters will sort it out, trust the voters'.

In the next segment, Keller asked Clinton about Trump, immigration, Jeb, the Kathryn Steinle murder, a woman on the $10 bill and Amy Poehler's impersonations of her. John King and Maggie Habeman were the panel; they discussed political dynasties, the Latino vote and again the honesty/trustworthyness poll number.
Tomorrow Anderson interviews Trump. I hope he has an honesty poll on Trump to ask him about. I have a feeling Trump's numbers wold be worse than Hillary's.

The last segment of the first hour was a report on Subway spokesman Jared Fogle being caught with child pornography. Ivan Young gave the details.

As usual, I didn't watch the second hour.