Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Anderson Cooper Anchors AC360 From NOLA on Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Anderson Cooper anchored an expanded two hour edition of AC360 from a rooftop in NOLA on Tuesday evening.  He announced at the beginning of the program that he was in NOLA "on assignment."

Anderson posted the following photos to his Instagram account today:





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Jaanza said...

I liked seeing Anderson wear his glasses for the whole show. He looks good in them. As someone who's worn glasses (or contact lenses) since age 8, I have no problem with them. Previously, it seemed like Anderson's glasses were simply reading glasses; he put them on during 360 only for reading from a paper in front of him, not for reading the teleprompter. Now maybe he needs them all the time? That's okay.

Tuesday's 360 had a good variety of news stories. First up was the Iran nuclear deal and getting the U.S. Congress to agree with it. Anderson talked to Jim Scuitto, Jim Acosta and David Milelr for the details. This story got only one segment on 360, while many of the other CNN programs and Hayes gave it two.

Trump got one and a half segments. A new poll has him above Jeb and like it or not, that's news. Anderson talked to Dana Bash and there was a clip of her interviewing Trump. Trump said a tirade of the same old stuff; blah blah blah yada yada yada. With Anderson, Bash talked about Jeb having to "re-position" himself against Trump. Personally, I think that's unnecessary. Trump will implode. Maybe not soon but the implosion will definitely happen long before the GOP convention next summer. I liked seeing Paul Begala on the panel. I hated that the other two panelists, Ana Navarro and Jeffrey Lords, got more time. Navarro and Lords were asked two questions each and Begala was asked only one.

Next was an interview with Brad Steinle, Kate's brother. Kate Steinle is the young woman who was kiled by an illegal immigrant in San Francisco. Trump has been using her death in his anti-immigration rants. Brad doesn't like it, said Trump was "sensationalizing" Kate's death and no one, not Trump or anyone from his campaign, contacted the family.
The escape of "El Chapo" was the second part of this segment. I guess it got time today because there was new footage of the excape tunnel.

I watched Hayes' report on "Water Wars" instead of the segment on the kidnapping hoax, checked back on 360 just to note that the last segment was about the teenage plane crash survivor. As uaual, I didn't watch the second hour.

Regarding Anderson not reporting or giving scant attention to certain "liberal" issues, such as voter registration, the success fof the ACA or an interview with Sen. Al Franken. Sometimes he does. Next time he does so, I'll make certain to make special note of it.

Anderson on assignament in New Orleans? For '60 Minutes'? For a report on the 10th anniversary of Katrina next month? For something else?

aries moon said...

The only Iran nuclear agreement report on 360 that didn't heavily focus on "HOW MUCH EVERYONE HATES IT" was AC's interview with Christianne Amanpour in the second hour--AC360, like much of CNN and the beltway media, only seemed interested in placing a priority on Netanyahu's grievances and GOP talking points rather than the true merits of the deal itself and AC360's guest commentators like the incredibly smug and irritating Aaron Miller and Ambassador Dermer were apparently chosen to push the negative narrative 360 wanted to present. Would it have really hurt 360 to bring in a guest with a different perspective on the deal? As John Kerry said, if you're going to criticize a deal without offering a specific alternative, you don't really have a right to complain. Congress has 60 days to review this historic agreement--let's hope they do their job in addition to their knee-jerk job of whining straight out the gate. Rachel Maddow mentioned that the public has been firmly behind the president on getting this deal but you won't hear that on most news reports.

I couldn't stomach listening to or looking at Ana Navarro in the Donald Trump segment, so I switched over to Hayes--Jaanza says Paul Begala didn't get enough time to talk, so I didn't miss much. I liked the Brad Steinle and Pluto reports.

CWM84 said...

I'm not a big fan of this Iran deal, giving them billions to do whatever is not the best idea and also none of the agreement did nothing to bring those who are held captive Iran. Also it does not dismantle their current construction of a nuclear weapon. So I can see some of the critical Analysis of this agreement. There also is no guarantee that Iran will cooperate, can we really trust a country that assist Syria, terrorist. So I think people being skeptical have a reason to be. It seems this was the best deal U.S. felt that could get right now so they went with it. Whatever it accomplishes anything only time will say. I hope for the best and bring those held captive in Iran home! That should been a main negotiation point. I feel terrible for those families who's loved ones. Best part of the show was when the brother of the woman murdered by illegal immigrant, slammed Trump for using his sisters death to make political fonder. Trumps camp could have at least reached out to the family! That was very low. Trump should stop now that the family has its disapproval of his comments. Trump now leads in the polls for gop and favorable opinions of him up to in latest polls. Trump now feels vindicated so don't expect him to tone down the attacks. Trump is just going out here in winging it, eventually if he continues he will have to may out some concrete plans for a better economy and other plans on foreign affairs. Right now tho, I don't think his supporters care for all that. They just want him to continue with his attacks and bragging about his mass wealth! Ha! Sanders, Clinton once again ignored on AC360. AC360 is definitely not an equal opportunity news show for Democratic point of views. I think AC is a log cabin republican. Obviously for GLBT rights but leans gop on everything else, especially on economy and foreign policy.