Thursday, July 16, 2015

Anderson Cooper & Jon Stewart: A Look Back to February 2, 2005

With Anderson Cooper MIA from the AC360 anchor chair we dug deep into the ATA vault and came up with Anderson's appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on February 2, 2005.   Jon returns next week to start his final three weeks of shows.  Enjoy this gem!

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

I knew the shooting of four Marines in Chattanooga TN would be the lead story and at least the first half of the show.
I didn't know Anderson wouldn't be anchoring.
And, as it turned out, the Chattanooga shooting was the entire hour with John Berman.

So there was a lot of channel surfing, not just Hayes but several places. I checked back a few times to 360 to see if other news would be covered but nope. The Chattanooga shooting is big, serious news but Hayes also made time to report on the guilty verdict for James Holmes (Aurora CO theatre shooter) and Obama's visit to a prison combined with criminal justice reform.

In the photo from 'The Daily Show', Anderson looks about the same while Jon Stewart has definitely aged. It's all about the hair. It's a nice photo but is there a link to the video?

The ATA Team said...

@ Jaanza Thanks for pointing out we forgot to load the video. Sorry about that. The video is in the post now!

CWM84 said...

I predicted he would be away last week. Said I had a feeling. I haven't watched the show since Wednesday. Due to tragic reasons Trump hasn't been the lead story or in the news last couple of days. Will have to check if AC was sighted on vacation with Ben or something. Berman is doing a lot of overtime this week. Lol.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you showed this clip if only because Jon is leaving and to this day he will not have John
McCain on his program. He has often said he liked McCain when McCain was in fact, "sane."
But those days are far gone and what we have now is an old man who cannot accept defeat.
He never recognized Obama as the President and was always critical of him.
While I am not a Trump fan, I do give him credit for not backing down about how 'heroic' McCain WAS.
For those who want to hear Trump and his defense of what he has now said about John McCain, there
is a wonderful interview on Huffpost with Martha Raddizz. Not sure I spelled her name correctly.
Trump does appeal to a certain mind set and he is hitting nerves on issues others fear to discuss.
It will be interesting to see if Trump does become the Republican candidate, who he chooses as his
running mate. Then again by slamming McCain, who has past Saint Hood in the GOP, Trump may have to run as an Independent.
AC did not make it to the Daily Show too many times. He appeared to like Letterman much better
because of his "softball" interviews.