Friday, September 18, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 on Friday, September 18, 2015 - The RidicuList: Escape Claws

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from the NYC studio and ended the program with a RidicuList:

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Jaanza said...

Friday's 360 still had too much Trump. However, the coverage was more objective and critical because Trump let an anti-Muslim question slide by and gave a careless answer. Today Trump cancelled his speech at the Heritage Forum and received futher backlash. Anderson talked to Sara Murphy, at the Forum, and then a panel of Jeffrey Lord, Rich Galen and a woman. Lord defended Trump. Anderson asked if it would be okay to say the same thing about Jews or blacks? Lord evaded the answer.

Anderson asked that question again when the panel continued in the next segment and still didn't get a good answer. Lord talked about the media "taking a soundbite and making it a big controversy". There was talk about one standard for Trump and another standard for careeer politicians. I didn't see the entire segment; I didn't hear the woman on the panel asked anything or say anything.

Gary Tuchman revisited Trump's birther broohaha from a few years ago. This could have been mentioned in the earlier segments, it didn't need one of its own. However, Hayes also had a segment (a short one) on this topic; his segment consisted mostly of Obama joking about this at the 2011 White House Press Correspondents Dinner with Trump in the audience.

Baby Doe, the toddler girl found in a trash bag at Boston Harbor, has been identified. She's Bella Bond. Her mother's boyfiiend has been arrested for her murder and her mother arreeted for being an accessory after the fact. Anderson talked to Michael Murphy about this very sad news.

Chris Cuomo reported on Pope Francis' upcoming visit to Cuba.

ATA has posted the Ridiculist. I found it "meh". I've seen better 'child in the claw machine' videos. The best one is the one in which the girl crawled into the claw machine, other kids would point to the toy they wanted and she dropped the toys to them.

Hopefully, bright shiny object Trump now has enough tarnish to keep CNN from broadcasting his speeches and rallies. If Trump did got to the Heritage Forum, would CNN have aired his speech?

aries moon said...

Anderson wasn't having any of Jeffrey Lord's excuses or deflections about why Trump didn't rebuke the bigot bashing Muslims at his Q&A--AC really pushed Lord and got him to admit that Trump was wrong for letting that moment pass without rejecting the idea that President Obama wasn't born in the US and that he's not a Christian. GOP rep Rich Galen also had some good arguments against Lords--CNN should consider hiring more credible Republican pundits instead of choosing the types that they think Fox News viewers would love. Rich Galen and Margaret Hoover are two examples of relatively reasonable conservative representatives.