Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 on Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Anderson Cooper anchored an expanded two hour edition of AC360 from the NYC studio.  The first hour included a segment on Hillary Clinton and Paul Begala was part of the panel:

AC360 Transcript
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Jaanza said...

Tuesday's 360 started with BREAKING NEWS that was indeed breaking news. A British 777 caught fire and aborted takeoff at the Las Vegas airport. Anderson talked to a witness, Bradley (?) and various reporters/experts; Les Abends is the only name I caught of that group. For most of this segment I watched Hayes cover the news of Kim Davis being freed from jail, the how and why and what next of this story.

Kim Davis was 360's second segment. I thought the lengthy clip of Davis going on stage and addressing her support rally went on too long. Alexandra Field had a report on the crowd, the issue and the politics (Cruz and Huckabee were there). Anderson talked to Jeffrey Toobin and Ryan Alexander about the legalities and what may happen next. Will she interfere with her deputies giving marriage licenses to same-sex couples? I really liked Anderson's question about Davis possibly using religion to refuse a marriage license to someone who has three divorces. Touche.

Next was more on the Las Vegas plane fire. Anderson interviewed another witness.

Hillary Clinton's emails got their own segment. In an interview with ABC, Clinton apologized and took responsibiity. ATA has the video here of the panel with Alex Castellanos, Donna Brazile and Paul Begala. Anderson saw the apology as "strategic" and "calculating" something I don't think he'd say for a Rebublican in the same position. And Republicans have been in the same position except for facing a huge outcry from the other political party. Republicans are making it a big deal without ever stating that former Sect. of State Colin Powell did the same thing and that the Dubya Bush administration did it way more, millions of emails.

Ed Lavendera had a report on the San Antonio TX high school football players who assaulted a referee during a game. Apparently they thought the ref was being unfair and racist. The ref made a statement saying no he's not. Lavendera and Anderson discussed the possibility of the two players facing criminal charges and I hope that happens.

Monday's 360 had a second hour. It started just like the first one did with news from the Las Vegas airport. I watched Maddow but checked back to see Anderson's interview with Bradley play again, the start of the second segment was exactly the same with the lengthy clip of Davis at the rally. This is why I rarely watch the second hour, all too often it's the same thing.

I hope Anderson makes the time to appear on Colbert's "Late Show", I think he'll have fun there.

aries moon said...

Not a big Hillary admirer, but I don't think she should've apologized for anything. She was pushed into it by the GOP and the press that loves to do their bidding. The GOP and the MSM are out to destroy Hillary's campaign--not that she is totally faultless and doesn't bear some blame in this email incident, but I still think she should've stood strong against the folks who aren't going to stop going after her regardless of an apology. The apology doesn't really matter to them, it's keeping the "Hillary's campaign is in trouble" mantra going for as long as possible.

Where were the gay couples during AC's segments on Kim Davis? There were two backers of Davis and her religious liberty argument and Jeff Toobin to discuss the case, but there weren't any interviews with gay couples or LGBT media figures to talk about what Davis' actions have meant for the gay community--I've seen LGBT activist Dan Savage and others on MSNBC several times since the Davis controversy began--I wish AC would include some LGBT voices on the subject as well.

Unknown said...

CNN seems to pitch Don Lemon now on most LGBT stories. He was on air earlier on Tuesday discussing Kim Davis with Wolf Blitzer. I've also seen him on other shows in the past discussing these issues.

CWM84 said...

I agree with aries moon about gop and media attacks on this email. For some reason the media does not like Clinton at all. I'm not her biggest fan but cnn, fox, gop broadcast media are all licking their chops. She has some responsibility on this matter and it was a mistake but she isn't the first person to do this. They all want to being him campaign down and her message of the campaign have unfairly been ignored. All of this coverage of Trump speeches and her own message for America have been ignored by media. Hate that. I have no idea why AC let her entrance and speech go on that long, I was disgusted. He did some push back on the author and made some good comparisons if she was a Muslim and refused to do certain things would it get this much support from some public and Presidential candidates. Of course not because this whole ordeal is a bunch of hypocrisy! Her arguments... and for her to be the poster child for religious freedom is a damn joke! Married 4 times, adultery! This is a circus and anyone who understands law and has any Moral compass to see what she did was unlawful, hypocrisy, full of contempt! She is a selfish woman who needs to be impeached or resign. She has failed her duties as a public official to uphold law. She has to go.

aries moon said...

I try to avoid watching Don Lemon at all costs so I didn't know that he was now CNN's go-to person for gay issues. Anderson seemed to cover more LGBT issues before he came out and he did do extensive coverage of the same sex marriage SCOTUS ruling in June.

Totally agree with CWM84's comments on Hillary and the disgusting Kim Davis--she's no hero, she's a law breaking hypocrite and the fact that two presidential candidates are backing someone who is breaking the law and violating the Constitution is outrageous. Davis' lawyer is equally repulsive.

Unknown said...

I don't watch Don either but he tends to pop up on the Situation Room. He's either discussing Racial or LGBT issues.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch Don either, it seems they are trying to make him into the next Anderson Cooper, as if.

CWM84 said...

He is a racial sensationalist buffoon. Don Lemon. He doesn't care or have the same passion for LGBT issues I noticed.

Unknown said...

I completely agree.