Thursday, September 24, 2015

Anderson Cooper on Thursday, September 24, 2015

Anderson co-anchored The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer to cover the Pope's arrival in NYC.  Anderson's reaction to seeing the Pope and his interaction with Wolf was priceless:

He posted the following to his Instagram account:

Anderson Cooper anchored an expanded two hour edition of AC360 from outside St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC.  The beginning of the second hour included an overview of the sights and sounds of the Pope's day with a panel discussion following:

There was a Trump segment in the second hour.  It included a report by Randi Kaye:

...and a follow up panel in which Charles Blow had an interesting comment on the media and Trump:

Anderson ended the program by answering the question, "What is in the black bag the Pope was carrying when he got on the plane in DC?":

Anderson stayed on air for a couple of minutes with Don Lemon to talk about what moment Anderson found most memorable from the day:

Anderson posted the following to his Instagram account at the end of the night's coverage:

AC360 Transcript
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Jaanza said...

Thanks for all the videos, ATA, especially from the second hour. The first hour was entirely on the Pope, leaving St. Patrick's after the evening mass and arriving at the Vatican diplomatic residence. Anderson talked with Father Thomas Rosica, Delia Gallagher, Bruce Feller, John Allen and Father James Martin. It's terriic Pope Francis' visit is going so well but I really don't need all the details. Fortunately for me, a football game started at 8:30. Unfortunately, I missed the non-Pope segments of the second hour.

Was all the non-Pope news in the second hour about Trump?
I liked Anderson's start of the Randi Kaye video, "Well, Donald Trump is upset again." Anderson played Trump's complaints about Kaye's report and then Kaye responded to the complaints with actual facts and video proof about the size and racial mix of the crowd. Anderson and Kaye also pointed out the facts of the poll numbers Trump likes to boast about.
I also watched the video with the panel. Two things stood out:
Lord didn't even try to excuse Trump's criticism of Kaye, "This is his M.O."
Charles Blow saying the "entire Trump candidacy is completely propped up by free media time..." Are you hearing this, Zucker?

I hope there's time for both non-Pope and non-Trump news tomorrow. Maybe a report on the defeat of the anti-Planned Parenthood bill and the decreasing chance for a government shutdown on October 1?

CWM84 said...

More Pope and Trump and expect same tonight.

M. Suminski said...

Happened to catch the Sit Room yesterday with Anderson and Wolf, Anderson did sound excited when the Pontiff was 100 feet away(it was too cute)

CWM84 said...

John bohener steps down! There is a God! Worse speaker in history! Last day october 30th he resigns from congress.