Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 on Tuesday, October 6, 2015 + Anderson's Writing a Book With His Mom

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from the NYC studio.  It was nice to see two stories about the goodness in this world:

Then came the requisite Trump segment:

And a shorter segment on Hillary and V.P. Joe:

Anderson and Andy have been doing some promotion for their upcoming AC2Live shows.  While most cover the same things we've heard before there was an interesting new tidbit in an article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  You can read the full article by clicking here.

Q: May we end with an update on your mothers, Gloria and Evelyn?

Cooper: My mom is great, she’s 91. I’ve been working on an HBO documentary about her. We’re doing a book together that comes out next spring. She is very supportive of everything I do. Andy’s mom is pretty tough. 

Cohen: My mom’s a realist. She keeps me in check. She’ll be terrified if I tell her the size of the theater we’re coming to. She’ll look it up and say, “Oh, no, that’s too big, that many people won’t come to see you guys.” That’s just how we communicate in my family. She keeps me grounded.

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Jaanza said...

At the start of Tuesday's 360 Anderson previewed the South Carolina floods. However, the lead story was the Roseburg WA police investigating the social media posts of the mother of the Umpqua Community College shooter. I saw the start of the Q&A with Sara Sidner but mostly watched Hayes cover the possibility of a Biden Presidential run. When checking back there was a Randi Kaye report on the news reporter and cameraman shooting a month ago in Virginia and then Anderosn's interview with a woman who encountered the shooter.

There were two elements in the segment on the SC floods. First was a Gary Tuchman report of an elderly Canadian man caught in the floods and rescued by strangers. The second was Anderson's interview with Pastor Wayne Reeves, who saw a casket (with memorial flowers stll on top) floating in the flood, walked into waist-high water and brought it to shore.

I did not watch the Trump segment. I wouldn't have watched it even if Hayes wasn't reporting on the Afghan hospital bombed by U.S. forces and an interview with a member of Doctors Without Borders.

Bidfen possibly running and leaks about what his dying son may have said on the topic came up next. Unfortunately for Anderson, at the same time Hayes was covering the Alabama voter ID law coupled with the closing of 31 DMVs in the rural "back belt" of that state. I had to watch Hayes because this was one of those topics I didn't think 360 would ever have.

El Faro, the cargo ship missing in the Bahamas because of Hurricane Joaquin, had half a segment. Martin Savidge had the report and a short chat with Anderson. The second half of the segment was the bombing of the Afghan hospital run by Doctors Without Borders. Anderson talked to Nic Robertson for a couple of minutes.

Surprisingly, the last item was a Bulletin, done by Anderson himself, instead of a preview/promo for the CNN special on the O.J. Simpson verdict.

Is the book, Anderson's and mom Gloria's book, coming out next spring in connection with the HBO documentary? Or will it be something totally different? Too soon to tell at this point?

aries moon said...

AC interviewing Stuart Stevens and AC doing the bulletin were the only things I paid attention to on 360. I don't care for Stevens but he did have some level-headed insight and commentary on Trump's chances in the race. I think I've only seen AC do the bulletin twice since he got the prime time slot--I like when he does it himself but I know he's past the point of doing it himself on a regular basis.

A while back, there were photos of AC, his bf and Gloria at some event and it was being filmed for the HBO documentary--I hadn't heard much about the documentary since then, so it's good to know it's still happening. I wonder what the book they're working on is about? I suppose it's about his mom's life--91 and still going strong, pretty impressive.