Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 on Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from the NYC studio.  The hour contained a KTH segment on Trump's latest non-truths, but about half way through the segment Anderson did a "180" and started defending Trump!

Anderson's KTH Report:

The follow up discussion during which Anderson performs his perfect 180:

AC360 Transcript
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Jaanza said...

Tuesday's 360 opened with a new report, updates on the VA hospitals scandal. I left Drew Griffin and watched Hayes cover a few of the reasons the GOP is in a mess right now.

When I got back to 360 the topic was Rep. Paul Ryan as the next Speaker of the House. I didn't get the name of the reporter Anderson was talking with; later he discussed Ryan's new job with Rep. Peter King via phone and followed by a panel with Dana Loesch and Ana Navarro.

Both 360 and Hayes carried Paul Ryan's speech agreeing to be Speaker. For some reason this is when my DH and I started discussing the old 60's show 'The Munsters'. It's hours later and I still can't figure out how the subject of 'The Munsters' popped up. It used to be on afternoons when I was a kid; haven't thought about the show in years and then suddenly it was the only thing I wanted to talk about. Weird.

After Ryan's speech the panel was back, with a new guy added, to analyze.

ATA, ditto regarding Anderson's comments during the KTH segment 'Trump and the Truth'. At first it was excellent. It was a terrific look at Trump's comments on Afghanistan, Iraq, Presidential Executive Orders and Mexico. The on-screen title was 'Trump: Flip Flops And Dodges, Support Keeps Growing'. I especially liked it when Anderson pointed out the flimsy sources for some of Trump's "facts". When did that all fall apart? Can I blame Sam Clovis the Trump guy for Anderson backing down? Van Jones, on the panel with Clovis and Loesch, had some good push back but at the same time it seemed like Anderson was trying to shut him up. I don't like Loesch but liked her point about the standard for facts and truth being lower for Trump than for other candidates.

Before the commercial break there was a teaser about a drug lord criminal type in the news but I didn't see the last segment (not entirely Hayes' fault). So I don't know if the drug lord guy got the whole segment or if he was just a blip in the Bulletin which included other big news of the day like Justin Trudeau and Jim Webb.

Now I'm going to YouTube. I'll watch some 'Munsters' videos; maybe something will click and I'll figure out why they turned up in my head earlier.

aries moon said...

Yes, what the heck was THAT about? If it's not Anderson's job to defend President Obama, why did he think it was necessary to back down from asking Trump's campaign co-chairman Sam Clovis questions about Trump's habit of making statements and then denying that he said them just because Clovis didn't like those questions? Anderson let Clovis yammer on after that without challenge and then AC once again brought up the subject that he keeps harping on non-stop--how the pundits and reporters were wrong about how long Trump would last in the presidential campaign--I'm so tired of AC talking about this--so what if Trump has managed to get a bunch of racist Republicans to back him and keep him in the race--there's nothing fascinating about that, it's obvious, but reporters like AC don't want to acknowledge the awful truth of Trump's success and as a result of the subject change, AC let Clovis off the hook. The question of Trump's character and suitability for the presidency are vital subjects that need to be discussed and reporters like Anderson should not be letting Trump or his handlers dictate what can and cannot be asked. I know that AC360/CNN want access to Trump and his campaign staff, but that is still no excuse for not doing your job. Van Jones was right about Trump not growing or improving as a candidate but Anderson quickly jumped in to say that Jones was wrong--and this was right after AC360's own KTH on Trump pretty much confirmed Jones' assertions. Anderson better grow a backbone when it comes to Trump and his staff because if he's just going to shrink away from challenging Trump or being honest about Trump's behavior, he may as well give up reporting now because he's doing a disservice to his viewers. I was also disappointed that the repulsive Dana Loesch has been allowed back on 360--she's trying to conceal her nasty tendencies while she's on the show but her vile reputation is no secret--not a credible pundit by any stretch of the imagination.

aries moon said...

Why do a KTH that really hits on the key points about Trump's flip-flopping and lies only to back down and run away from it just because one of Trump's people didn't appreciate the tone of the report or Anderson's questions? If Anderson's not obligated to defend President Obama, he's certainly not obligated to defend Trump, but that sure seems to be what he was doing last night. He let Sam Clovis off the hook by not continuing to press him for answers about Trump's behavior as a candidate. It's vital for reporters to ask tough questions and not allow the candidates or their surrogates to dictate what subjects can be discussed or not discussed. Last night was another example of Anderson letting a conservative walk all over him and not challenging them the way he does with Democrats. Anderson needs to stop bringing up how wrong pundits and reporters were about the longevity of Trump's campaign--there is nothing fascinating about it--all you have to do is listen to Trump to recognize why he resonates with certain segments of the population--he validates their prejudices and anxieties about their place in society as demographics continue to change--they don't care if Trump knows nothing about policy as long as he promises to 'stop' the 'others'. Anderson likes to pretend that the Trump phenomenon has nothing to do with racism and is merely a result of conservatives being fed up with Washington--that's only a small part of the story and it's time AC and other journalists start telling the real truth about Trump--this is someone who should never get anywhere near the White House. Anderson should've let Van Jones say more instead of trying to defend Trump and Dana Loesch shouldn't be on AC360, CNN or any other news program for that matter. She is a loathsome individual.

The ATA Team said...

Anderson folded like a house of cards when Clovis complained about the KTH report on Trump. I've never seen him do that on any of his other KTH segments. The sad this is Clovis played Anderson and Anderson didn't even know it. If Clovis is managing Trump's campaign than he certainly knew about Trump's New Day appearance and the flip flops and lies Trump was caught in. Clovis is a bully much like Trump and had no answers so he attacked Anderson and Anderson fell for it the way he started apologizing to Clovis and defending Trump. There would have been a pre-interview with a producer before Clovis's appearance so he knew what the topic was. And why did Clovis say he was researching Afghanistan while Anderson played the Paul Ryan press conference is he thought they were going to be talking poll numbers and policy. When Anderson then questioned Clovis about Trump's policy on Afghanistan and guns, Clovis said Trump didn't have any policy because he wasn't president yet. What kind of answer is that? And instead of Anderson pressing for an answer to his questions the way he did with the Dems at the debate, he started defending Trump. Van Jones looked to be the only intelligent one in the group and he tried to call Trump's lies out. I was glad he pushed back and Loesch was pretty much shut out. She should never be on AC360. She was kicked off CNN a few years ago. I guess the AC360 bookers were desperate?

People can say they like to listen to Trump because he's entertaining that's fine if it's an entertainment show, but when someone is running for President they need to be held accountable for what they say. Anderson/AC360/CNN are part of Trump's campaign with the amount of coverage they give him for free. So much for being impartial, fair and balanced in their reporting.

I wish Anderson would leave CNN. I really enjoyed his 60 Minutes report on the refugees. He really shines with his field reporting. He's basically phoning it in on AC360 these days.

aries moon said...

EXCELLENT, on point post ATA.