Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from the NYC studio.  There was a Trump segment that included Paul Begala:

And a segment on yet another NFL football player behaving badly and the questionable culture within the Dallas Cowboys organization:

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Jaanza said...

Anderson spent a little over two minutes at the start of Wednesday's 360 talking to Barbara Starr about the "close encounter" between U.S. and Russian jets in Syrian airspace. That was all for that because there was a new political poll to cover. Anderson said HIllary Clinton and Trump still lead and then it was John King with the details. Most of the details were about Trump with small mention of the other GOPers. When King did talk about the Democratic candidates it was only to compare favorable/unfavorable and trustworthiness numbers of Clinton and Biden.
At the time I was miffed Anderson and King never showed the exact numbers of how much Hillary Clinton is leading the Democratic pack. Then, after watching Rachel Maddow's firtst segment, I was downright pissed. Maddow, maybe the same poll maybe not, had numbers showing Clinton not only leading the Dem pack but leading when up against any one other Dem candidate.
Because 360's segment veered into 'here's Trump campaigning' I changed the channel. When I got back Paul Begala and Jeffrey Lord had already begun their panel. I liked Anderson pointing out how Trump looks alot like Michele Bachmann back in 2007. Lord didn't see it that way, Trump is different, times are different.

Ben Carson, the #2 or #3 guy in the GOP polls, has been saying stupid things regarding the Umpqua Community College shootings and is now receiving well-deserved backlash. Anderson interviewed Arumstrong Williams of the Carson campaign. Williams spun furiously, puttting new nuances into Carson's remarks and when no spin was possible, said essentially 'That's not the Ben Carson I know'. The rest of the segment was a Randi Kaye report on training for and surviving a mass shootings. This report had such a strong deja vu feeling that I changed the channel. This piece has been on before, right?

I did not watch Drew Griffin's report on a lottery scam, the 'pay a small fee to claim your big prize' scam.

There was a second report on the elderly Canadian man rescued from South Carolina floodwaters by a family. This time the focus was on the man's dog. Anderson interviewed the Dad, Mom and kid of the Hall family involved in the rescue.

Next was a report on another football player, domestic violence and in general being an asshole.

Last was a preview/promo for Lisa Ling's 'This is Life' coming up next. I didn't watch.

The week before CNN's Sept. 16 GOP debate, 360 couldn not do enough to cover it, anticipate it, forecast it and talk about how Trump would do and a little attention to the other GOP candidates. Is it just me or is 360 just not as fired up about next Tuesday's Democratic candidate debate?

Unknown said...

I am extremely annoyed that CNN barely covers the US bombing of a Doctors without Borders hospital. All they discussed was Trump, because every week there's a new poll. We're a year away from the elections!! So why is CNN ignoring every important news story!?!?

CWM84 said...

The only CNN is concerned about as far as next weeks debate is bringing Hilary down even more. They are now talking about her flip flops. Of course they ignore many of the GOP candidates flip flops. I'm not a Hilary fan as I've said before. I'm not sold on any running for President so far. But fair is fair and coverage on Hilary on CNN is all negative. They should stop doing fox and gops dirty work. It is my belief CNN is run by republicans anyway now... they have shown they will NOT be fair. They strategy on Obama is to allow attacks, to attack. Their strategy on Hilary is to attack and allow attacks. So now they are not overtly excited about the debate next week. And their advertising for the event is significantly more demure than the constant promos for that long winded debate last month.