Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Anderson Cooper to Host CNN Quiz Show - Famous Americans Edition

With the very capable John Berman in the AC360 anchor chair for the vacationing Anderson Cooper, we will look forward to Monday, November 30th at 9pmET when CNN will air the "Famous Americans Edition" of the CNN Quiz Show.  Anderson Cooper will once again host the program.   Don Lemon is paired with Kate Bolduan, W. Kamau Bell and Morgan Spurlock make up team 2, and Robin Meade is paired with two time champion John Berman.   Below is a dance break out take from the taping:

On the CNN.com website Anderson invites you to test your knowledge:

To take the test please click here.

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Jaanza said...

On Monday I couldn't watch 360 because of 'Gotham' but the ComCast/Xfinity program guide stated 360 would be repeated at 10 PM (11 EST). Nope. Instead it was a second hour of Don Lemon. I didn't know until reading ATA that Anderson was on vacation and John Berman was in the anchor chair.

Even without Anderson, I did watch Tuesday's 360. Here are the topics I saw Berman cover:

1. Video released of Officer Jason Van Dyke shooting 17-year-old Laquan McDonald in Chicago last year and the protests now, Rosa Flores reported, Sunny Hostin and Harry Houck was the panel.
2. Another look at the protests, the shooting video and more with Rosa Flores, Ryan Young, Charles Blow and Harry Houck.
3. Manhunt in Paris for more terrorists and the ringleader, new info on the investigation, Clarissa Ward reported, Paul Cruickshank analyzed.
4. Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet in its airspace near the Syrian border, how it happeneed and the political ramifications as reported by Barbara Starr.
5. Trump and his NJ Muslims cheering 9/11 remark, his supporters and why they still support him in a Gary Tuchman report.
6. Update on the Chicago protests.

The content was alright; Hayes also had two segments on the Chicago police shooting video.

I hope Anderson has a relaxing Thanksgiving week vacation spent relaxing, not working on a '60 Minutes' report or any other project, just a lot of taking it easy and eating turkey.

I took the 'CNN Quiz Show' quiz and got 7 out of 10 because I know nothing about Obama's Secret Service name, the charting of Springsteen songs or who young Tiger Woods golfed with on a talk show. But I can name all nine of the Kennedy kids - Joe Jr., John, Rosemary, Kathleen, Patricia, Eunice, Robert, Jean and Ted.

Unknown said...

Looks like AC is spending Thanksgiving in Brazil! There was a picture posted on Instagram of him and Ben, where their vacation home is.