Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Anderson Cooper 360 on Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Anderson Cooper anchored an expanded two hour edition of AC360 back in the NYC studio.  The first hour covered politics, the capture of El Chappo, the release of the U.S. Navy sailors by Iran and a report by Miguel Marquez on the sale of Powerball tickets.  Richard Quest joined Anderson to break down the Powerball payouts and questioned Anderson about what his first purchase would be if he won!

In the second hour there was more politics, another report by Miguel Marquez on Powerball ticket sales in NYC, more on El Chappo's capture and another report on Iran releasing the U.S. Navy sailors captured in Iranian territory yesterday.  This report in the second hour was followed up by a panel that stated there are more questions that need to be answered; before we rush to judgement on how the situation was handled we need know why the U.S. boats were in Iranian territory to begin with given the sophistication of the U.S. Navy.    (Wonder if David Gergen, Smerconish,  Blitzer and Tapper were watching.  Given their rhetoric last night perhaps they owe President Obama and Secretary Kerry an apology?)

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Jaanza said...

First news story mentioned in Wednesday's 360 was an arrest for the death of an American woman in Italy. Anderson also mentioned Ted Cruz and El Chapo and he got to those two before the woman's death in Italy, which was the last story in the first hour. But at the start those were just mentions. The lead stroy was Trump vs. Haley because Haley made some veiled negative comments about Trump in the GOP response to the SOTU last night. There was Haley's comment and Trump's response and I changed the channel. When I checked back later there were two panelists but the big box was video of Trump. I'm still boycotting Trump coverage.

Monday I stated Hayes was able to cover both the GOP and Dems 2016 race in one hour, why couldn't Anderson? Voila! Here's a segment all about Hlllary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, the Dems polls, Bill and Chelsea campaigning. Even better Donna Brazile was half the panel. Peter Beinart was the other half. Also discussed in the panel was Biden's remarks and what effect they could have. Brazile is one of the best and I'm so glad she was on the show and had plenty of time to talk.

The next segment was the El Chapo segment. I went away for a bit so I don't know if the coverage of the 10 sailors released from Iran was part of the same segment or not. Anderson talked to Jim Sciutto about the sailors and Iran. The segment ended with a Bulletin.

I did not win the big Powerball jackpot. But at the time of Miguel Marquez's report I still had a chance. I liked his report from a lottery ticket selling store in Penn Station but even better was the return of Richard Quest. Quest went through the numbers: lump sum, annuity, taxes, the other payouts for matching fewer numbers. And Quest asked Anderson what he would do if he won the lottery. You can watch the video posted by ATA or I can just tell you here and now.
Okay, I'll tell you. Anderson said he'd buy a watch.

Marquez, Quest and Anderson had fun talking about Powerball. Maybe I'm old-fashioned in thinking the Powerball segment should have been last. The fun light-hearted segment traditionally has been last for decades in news broadcasting. I just imagine the family of Ashley Olson were a bit confused having to sit through the Powerball piece before getting to the news of their daughter's death in Italy and the arrest made. Randi Kaye had this report and then Anderson had a Q&A with Barbie Latza Nadeau about the case.

The first segment of the second hour had Dana Bash reporting on news (Breaking news?) of Ted Cruz lying/not disclosing the big loan he got from his wife's employer, Goldman Sachs, for his 2012 Senate campaign. Cruz previously said he and his wife paid for it out of their own pockets. This was also Maddow's lead story and I watched her show instead.

Judging by just the first hour, it was a pretty good 360. The GOP side of the 2016 race got a segment but so did the Dems side. There was a variety of other stories. Hopefully El Chapo coverage has ended. I was a little surprised there wasn't more on the SOTU and am very surprised - and pleased - there wasn't a lot of time spent previewing tomorrow's GOP debate.

aries moon said...

Not sure why President Obama had to be brought into a panel discussion about Republican in-fighting, but it seemed to me that they only included him to give Ana Navarro another opportunity to call the president weak and yammer on about how angry and disgusted Trump supporters have been with the president for 7 years, maybe not, but that moment still irritated me.

Jim Sciutto seemed like he was spouting opinion on the Obama Administration in regard to the Iran/U.S. Navy incident--maybe he should try to curb his suspicious tone and just stick to the facts when reporting. I agree with ATA that those reporters going after President Obama on the Iran situation may need to apologize to him and Sec. Kerry, but they're too interested in casting the Obama Administration in the most negative light.

Not interested in El Chapo or the American woman murdered in Italy but the Powerball segment with AC and Richard Quest was fun. AC probably already has close to that 930 million dollar sum they were discussing--he's super wealthy now and has probably invested well and he's kind of cheap! He doesn't need a lottery ticket.