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Anderson Cooper from Sundance to Norfolk, VA

The very capable John Berman was in the AC360 anchor chair on Tuesday night as Anderson Cooper was the speaker at the Norfolk Forum.  Anderson donated his fee for this event to buy ballistic vests for K-9s.

Anderson posted the following to his IG account today:

Anderson was in Sundance for the premiere of the HBO documentary about his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt on Saturday and Sunday.  He and Liz Garbus gave an interview to The Hollywood Reporter were Anderson talked about his worst date and his first time at the Sundance Film Festival years ago, among other things:

There was another shorter interview with The Wrap:

And a third one with Starz:

Anderson referenced his first time at the Sundance Film Festival and we dug back in the archives and found this photo circa January 2003:

And we found the following:
This is an interview Anderson did with a fan who met him at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah on Janurary 22, 2003. The interview was conducted at the Treasure Mountain Inn at Park City,  There is a video of this interview floating somewhere out in cyberspace. If you have a copy we'd love to see it, until then here's the transcript.

AC: It's hard to actually get food in this town.
Fan: Yeah.....(talking to myself) trying to figure out.....ok so I don't know how to work my camera.(camera un-focused and bobbing)
AC: You want me to look at it? I used to shoot one of these.
Fan: Its ok, I got it (Camera finally zooms back to show AC standing on balcony) Hi!
AC: Hi (laughs)
Fan: Un, lets see...They wanted to know if you're watching Celebrity Mole.
AC: I'm actually not watching celebrity mole. And uh, the reason is it would make me too sad. I miss doing the Mole and seeing someone else do it would just be too weird for me. So Um, I'm very, still friendly with all the people who are on the, making the show--the producers and camera people and the company who does it. In fact I just e-mailed the head of the company, Stone Stanely, and just told him congratulations cause it's doing really well. Um yeah, It just makes me too sad to watch.
Fan: Um, what they wanted to say, they were going to ask you, if you were watching it, did you see this episode where....
AC: My name was on the thing?
Fan: On the tombstone! they wondered what you thought.
AC: Yeah I did, I didn't see the episode with my name on the tombstone, but someone actually e-mailed me about it. I think its funny, I think its really funny. In fact that's what prompted me to email the ah,Blackburn (sp?), the head of the production company that did it and I said that's really clever and funny, and he e-mailed me back that it was sort of a homage, an inside joke. So I take it all in good fun. So yeah, I was not at all offended I thought it was very clever.
Fan: I'm multi-talented (Once again talking to myself,trying to flip through my questions and not being successful)
AC: (leaning forward) What?
Fan: I'm multi-talented. I'm trying to flip this.....um. They wanted to know if you had any plans to return to hosting, like reality shows or the Mole or....
AC: Right, I don't really have any plans to return to reality shows, um uh, I've been at CNN now for about a year and I'm actually really happy. Its actually a really cool place to work, the people are nice and it's a really nice atmosphere. I've gotten to go to Afghanistan and the middle east and I was actually just in Qatar in the middle east. You know, and I get to come to fun places like this, um I'm doing a lot of anchoring so I'm actually really enjoying it. I'm actually starting up a show, maybe in about a month or two. A weekend version of Aaron Brown's show called NewsNight.
Fan: That was one of the questions.
AC: Oh yeah? Fan: Everybody's been saying that they're starting a weekend version of NewsNight, and um....
AC: Yeah, I know, its been slow in coming. We've been talking about it, actually since August, but um uh, we're looking to hire people right now and uh, so yeah I'm hoping to get it on the air in say a month.
Fan: Oh well thats the next question! Um...
AC: You can just ask it to me and I'll repeat it for ya...You want me to take these? (pointing to the question cards)
Fan: There, you just...(handing him questions)
AC: (quietly reading question to himself) What do you think of the rumor that you will be hosting weekend newsnight? (smiles) The rumor is true! I will be hosting a weekend edition of Newsnight, um, and I'm hoping it will be really different from the weekday edition of NewsNight. I'm trying to make it sort of, I don't know, sort of funny, and I don't know um we'll see. Um, I'm a little nervous about it.
Fan: Do you know when its going to start?
AC: I don't know exactly when its going to start, I think it will start, um....I'm guessing like a month.I mean I just interviewed someone to run it right now and I'd say no sooner than a month from now. But um,hopefully there will be like commercials and stuff coming. So it won't be a total mystery.
AC: (reading question to himself) Do I have a message for my fans?!? Well, I uh, um (smiling embarassed) I don't know why anyone would be a fan of mine!(laughing) I'm sort of, um....it makes me....
Fan: Oh come on!
AC: I don't, I really don't! Its very sweet, it's great I think its really.....I can't believe that you came here, its really nice.....
Fan: Well I only live two hours away. 
AC: Well still two hours, it um, you know....
Fan: My brother's in New York and I told him to keep an eye out for ya.
AC: Oh yeah?
Fan: Wrong place.
AC: Uh-huh Um, message for my fans......I, thank you very much! I really appreciate it and I ah, every now and then I log onto the web and read a little bit about what people are saying about me, I try not to read too much, you know I ah, it stuns me that anybody sees anything I do. Like it doesn't occur to me that what I do is actually on TV, like it has no reality for me.
Fan: It's just a job?
AC: Well yeah I mean the camera, its just like the camera and the guy behind the camera you don't really have the sense that like you know, when I watch tv I don't really think 'oh yeah this is what I do'. I don't know, its just sort of, its a little odd, but um. I'm actually pretty shy and I don't think if I thought about it like 'oh lots of people are watching 'I don't think I'd be as comfortable, so....Um, but I'm thrilled to death that anyone would want to watch anything I did for more than 2 seconds. So um...
Fan: All I can say is that anyone who can mock MarthaStewart as much as you do, is ok by me!
AC: (laughing) Who can't mock Martha Stewart? How could I resist?
Fan: That's one of the questions.
AC: (reading yet another question to himself) What has been my most memorable assignment as a reporter? Where would I like to go back to? Where would I never want to go back to? Well I actually started like 11 years ago for this thing called Channel One, which is seen in high schools....
Fan: I slept through it.
AC: (Mock suprise) You slept through Channel One? Oh No!
Fan: Can I tell you something?
AC: Uh-huh
Fan: There was this guy at our school who would take bets. And since you were always being sent to these countries with civil wars they were like, when is he going to get kidnapped and uh...
AC: Uh-huh, yeah believe me, I heard a lot of that. We used to get faxes from people like "Why are you sending him to all these places? Do you hate him?"the truth is I was the one to sort of volunteer to go to all these places, and um, I really, that's how I started. I took a little video camera like the one you had (pointing at me) (He pauses and looks down as a car alarm goes off on the street). And just started going and sort of. I'm not the sort of traditional TV person and I don't think I would've gotten the job if I'd tried the traditional route. So, um, this was just a way to sort of do what I love. So the most memorable I don't know. I covered, I went to a lot of wars and those were things, places and people that I met that I'll never forget. (emergency vehicle sirens in the background, getting louder) I was in Bosnia a lot during the war in Sarajevo....and um, that was a real priviledge to be able to be there and tell people's stories. It was a difficult place to go to and a lot of people didn't want to go. So I felt very priviledged to go there and uh (looking at street,sirens getting really loud) So thats uh, (looking down the street)
Fan: I hope the hotels not on fire....
AC: But uh, see the most memorable I guess would be Bosnia or uh, I guess I should wait (pointing at firetrucks) Your microphone won't (drowned out)
Fan: I don't know it they can hear it or not....(duh)
AC: Probably, Uh so yeah most memorable would be aplace like Bosnia during the war or I was in Rwanda during the civil war and genocide there and that was obviously something I'll never forget. Fan: I think I remember that one.
AC: Yeah, So those sorts of things even though they were things that I did 10 years ago or 8 years ago,they were things that I still carry with me and think about. And in terms of places I'd never want to go back to, um, I, there's not really any place. I mean my least favorite place was probably Somalia where I worked a lot during the famine. I would still be interested in going back, just to see what its like now. So... (shrugs)
AC: (reading question to himself) How much hate mail did you get for your sarcastic pairing of the 'Man eating crocodiles in the Ivory Coast' and the Martha Stewart scandal? Mmmmm.....Peanuts!(laughing) I get a fair amount of hate mail, but its mainly just like from complete lunatics who will be offended at anything. And people get very easily offended, which I understand. And I certainly hate, it actually pains me anytime I feel I've hurt someone's feelings. Er, ah, Like I literally, just before I met you, I got a call on myvoice mail in New York, from someone who was angry about something, um the weekend show that I was working for this weekend did, like a viewer email thing. And uh, you know it sort of pains me that anyone would be insulted by anything that I would do(Mobile phone rings, camera pauses while he answers call).
AC: (picking up the answer where he left off) When I get hate mail it sort of pains me, but it's part of the job.
Fan: Comes with the territory?
AC: (nodding) Comes with the territory, no one will be pleased all the time. (Back to reading the questions) What is the most bizarre interview you've ever had?This, this, this one is, (laughing) sort of rates up there.
Fan: Thanks (rolling eyes)
AC: Bizarre interview....hmmm.....I once was interviewing a young girl in Sarajevo, this is not even funny, its just like horrible. I was interviewing this girl in Sarajevo, and we were speaking through an interpreter, and I didn't really know what she was saying at the time, it was stuff that I was going to be hearing, ah, because of the way it was being shot my interpreter couldn't be with me, so I would ask her a question and then she would tell me the answer and then I would just hear it later on the tape. But we had to shoot it 3 times because the camerman kept making mistakes, and it turns out that she was telling me this really horrible story. Uh, and 3 times she had to repeat it and she kept being like "what aren't you listening, like what are you an idiot?" I didn't know any of this until I got back and viewed the tape and Iwas like "Oh my God" that was a horrible, horrible interview.
AC: (Another question) Do you get recognized on the street as the "Mole Guy" or the "CNN Guy"? (laughing) Yeah, its about equal. It depends on where I am, here it's a lot of CNN people. All its a fair amount of Mole people as well. If I'm in an airport its a lot of Mole people. Um, so yeah, it totally depends on where I am. It's always interesting to me to try and figure out. Also younger people it's the Mole and older people its CNN people.
Fan: Do people ever remember you from Channel One?
AC: A lot of people, yeah. In fact someone here just yesterday yelled out "Dude, your Anderson Cooper from Channel One, Rock On! Woohoo" (Anderson pointing at camera, and making sign of the devil with hand, good imitation!) So...(laughing) (reading another question) Uh, did you ever have a fan do or say something outrageous to get your attention? What was it? Uh, Not really....(thinking)....I mean, This, (pointing at camera) (laughing).
Fan: Other than this? Yeah um, Crazy stalker fan inUtah. (sarcastic)
AC: (still laughing) No, you know I get, um, I've had people send me photos (eyebrows arch suggestively). Which is, ah, you know...
Fan: Like 'weird'...? (searching for right word, doh)
AC: Yeah like 'revealing' photos. You know, so that's always a little startling to open up the mail and ah, see someone completely nude, so that's.... And that's not really like, I wouldn't call someone back, who did....that's not something that I would persue.
Fan: (laughing)
AC: (You guessed it him reading another question) Who would I most like to meet at Sundance? Do I ever get starstruck? I really don't get starstruck as I mentioned to you earlier.
Fan: Right, Yeah
AC: I don't really like celebrities all that much, I don't really know what to talk to them about. Um,they're not interested in finding out about anyone else other than themselves, so, I like to mock them, I don't really like to have to interact with them. So, um, I'm trying to think of what stars......you know, frankly I really like telling people's stories and meeting people and generally the best stories are onesI've done about people who aren't famous but people who....are....
Fan: Are interesting?
AC: Who are interesing, who are living lives with dignity and doing something special. And are just good people. So thats what I like.
Fan: I think thats the last one.
AC: Democrat or Republican? (reading quesion)(laughing)
Fan: This is a long standing debate, one of the many long standing debates, we can't figure it out.
AC: Um, (still laughing) We don't actually....as reporters you're not supposed to talk about your political affiliations. Um, I would say in general I'm pretty independent, pretty middle of the road, but uh,I wouldn't say Democrat or Republican. Yeah.
Fan: I thinks thats about the end of it. Great, thank you so much.

We'll leave you with a few photos of Anderson at Sundance Film Festival 2016:

And this from EXTRA today:

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aries moon said...

Great pics and clips of AC at Sundance, thanks for pulling it all together ATA Team. I love the old interview of AC, he was so open and enthusiastic and relaxed, almost innocent in a way--probably not much of a chance of a fan having that kind of interaction or access to him these days--in some ways he's still the same but a lot has changed for him in his life and career.

There was a time when I'd switch over to MSNBC when AC wasn't anchoring, but I really enjoy watching John Berman--he's a very engaging, smart sub--I like how he challenges his guests and I love his sense of humor--I think Chris Hayes has a really informative show and his content is generally better than AC360's, but now I watch his second airing and watch Berman live.

Jaanza said...

ATA, terrific roundup of news from Sundance. Being a Minnesotan the first thing I thought of when seeing the photos of Anderson outside was "Agh! Anderson! Where is your COAT?" I'll watch the videos when I can get on the better computer.

Yesterday I asked that 360 not have a lot of news on Trump unless there was actual *new* news. Trump announcing he will not participate in the FOX debate was new and it was news but it wasn't worth three segments. Would the amount of Trump coverage been different if Anderson was anchoring? I barely watched those three segments (two-thirds of the show), just checking in for a few seconds here and there to see when Berman would stop covering Trump.

That came about :41 into the show when the subject changed to Bernie Sanders, a clip of his rally in Saint Paul MN, news he will meet with Obama on Wednesday; Jeff Zeleny at the rally with additional news on the Sanders campaign, the Hillary angle, the Iowa primary. Berman talked to David Axelrod a little about Sanders and Hillary at the start before the conversation turned to Trump. What annoyed me here is that even after Axelrod started talking about Obama, the video in the big box on the screen showed Trump. At least that changed to Hillary when he started talking about her.

I think there was segment on the three escaped prisoners in Los Angeles. Berman teased about this topic before the prior commercial break but I was watching Hayes and completely missed it.

The last segment was a preview of the CNN special coming up next "The Secret Life of G.I. Joe".

Totally agree with poster ALL CAPS; yesterday you pointed out how childlike and bratty Trump is behaving. Yup, it's the classic 'Play by my rules or I'm talking my ball and going home'. ultimatum. I don't like FOX News but hope they stick to their guns and Megan Kelly remains one of the moderators. Unfortunately today Blitzer's lead story was on 'What Will Trump Be Doing During the Debate?' It's apparently a fundraiser for the Wounded Warriors Project and I bet DNN/360 gives it big splashy attention when they should be reporting on real news.

Anonymous said...