Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Anderson Cooper 360 on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 at 8pmET.  Politics, politics and more politics with an AC360 Bulletin thrown in at the end.

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Jaanza said...

I regretted being a minute or two late to Tuesday's 360 because the first segment was about President Obama and the things he said during the press conference in California. When I got to the show Anderson was talking with Pamela Brown. The topics from the press conference were SCOTUS, the election, Trump's chances and Hillary Clinton. The panel was John King, Gloria Borger and Jonathan Turley. They talked about the above topics and included the news that some of the more whiny GOPers (McConnell, Grassley) are walking back their comments about not considering any SCOTUS nominations from Obama.

Then came two segments both starting with "Attack Politics" and the over-the-shoulder pic of Trump and Cruz. When I checked back there was a panel of Jeffrey Lord and Gloria Borger. In the following segment it was three people in the panel, one of them Lord and the other two I didn't know. I'm still boycotting Trump segments unless there is substantially *new* news.

At :44 into the show Anderson covered the Democratic candidates. Jeff Zeleny had a report about South Carolina and the African-American vote and then he and Anderson talked for a bit. That lasted until :48.

The last segment was on Scalia's death; the on-screen title was "Questions About How Texas Authorities Handled Death". Brian Todd had the report which included info on the conspiracy theories already swirling about how Scalia died. There was a Bulletin at the end of the segment.

I figured, since my cable company's info / program guide said there would be another hour of 360, that I would stay tuned to see how it started. But it didn't. Anderson came back just long enough to promote Wednesday's and Thursday's GOP Town Halls before tossing things over to Don Lemon. Lemon, not Anderson, had a two-hour show. Even though I rarely watch 360's second hour, I couldn't figure out why Lemon was there instead.
Is Anderson bored with essentially repeating the first hour nearly every time? Does Lemon deserve the extra time? Is this CNN exective pinheads deciding to put the cheaper guy on opposite Maddow (who usally gets better ratings against 360's second hour)?

aries moon said...

It's a rare thing for 360 to lead with a report on President Obama these days, even on a big story like the SCOTUS pick, so I was surprised to see it.

CWM84 said...

Ac Does town hall tomorrow with Anti gay gop. Idk how AC can do it. Millions help. Privilege.