Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Anderson Cooper 360 on Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

Anderson Cooper anchored an expanded two hour edition of AC360 from the NYC studio.  Much of the time was devoted to politics; the results of Super Tuesday 3 and what it means going forward and President Obama's nomination of Merrick Garland to SCOTUS and the Republican Senate's obstructionism of his nomination.  Late in the second hour was a report on the U.S. University of Virginia student being sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in North Korea for trying to steal a propaganda poster from his hotel.  The program ended with a humorous look at the double standard for Hillary Clinton speaking loudly at her campaign events.

The following photos were posted to Twitter today.  Seems Anderson is on another eating adventure with Anthony Bourdain.

AC360 Transcript
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Jaanza said...

At the start of Wednesday's show, Anderson mentioned the GOP race, Trump, Hillary, delegates and then Obama's selection for SCOTUS, a guy named Merrick Garland. I was hoping the SCOTUS story would be first because that's the one I felt was newest and most important. Nope, the first report was on yesterday's primaries, Trump, the next GOP debate, blah blah blah about the presidential race. I went away and when I came back Anderson was talking with Pamela Brown about SCOTUS nominee Garland and GOP obstructionism (although while I watched neither used the word "obstructionism"). Anderson introduced the Panel Of Too Many Pundits. I listened to Jonathan Turley and Jeffrey Toobin and that was it. Jeffrey Lord was there and I simply wanted to get away before he talked.

At the start of the next segment the on-screen title was "Trump Warns Of "Riots" If He Isn't GOP Nominee". Of course he would. I changed channels again. When I checked back later the panel was on.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders was the topic next. Joe Johns had a report and then it was the big panel again. Long ago I complained in ATA when Anderson had a panel of 4 or 5 pundits. Now it's 6 or 7. It's less of a discussion and more like soundbite answers. When each pundit gets only one question there's no chance to go in-depth. They each have to have their say in a soundbite format. I didn't watch them do that.

John King was at the Magic Map again. He updated on the results of yesterday's primaries, stated which primaries were next and speculated on what might happen delegate-wise. The most interesting element here was Rubio's exit and what will happen to his delegates. Then the panel again.

The last segment in the first hour was a Gary Tuchman report on contested national political conventions, the history of that happening and the rules that come into play when it does happen.

I didn't watch the second hour. Maybe later the 360 website will have the reports on the Univ. of VA student sentenced to prison in North Korea and the double standard for Hillary Clinton speaking loudly. Now why couldn't those stories be placed in the first hour instead of the fourth quarter of the second hour?

aries moon said...

Peter Beinart has been a good addition to the political panels--he always steps in with an important point that the other panelists missed or didn't want to touch on. During the discussion about the new SCOTUS pick, the panel seemed to be in agreement that the Republicans are justified in their opposition to moving the process along, but Beinart said what's making this particular action by the Republicans so unprecedented is that most of them won't even consider meeting with Judge Garland at all.

Not sure why Anderson and the panelists are constantly pushing the idea that Bernie Sanders doesn't have any reason to drop out of the race--it looks like Hillary has it all wrapped up and perhaps AC and the pundits don't like that?