Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016

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Jaanza said...

Happy Easter, ATA! Hope everybody had a great day. For me it was a quiet relaxing day, a extra-special supper and chocolate.

What's ahead this week? Because of 'Gotham' I can't watch 360's first hour on Monday but will try for the second hour.
On Tuesday is another GOP debate and Anderson will moderate it. I'm very much hoping, but not realistically expecting, Anderson to ask tough questions with follow-ups especially if Trump, Cruz or Kasich babble instead of actually answering the question. I want tough questions, "gotcha" questions, policy questions and personal questions. Being President of the USA is a tough job with countless gotcha situations and if a candidate can't handle that during a debate, he has no business being President. I want Anderson to be just as tough on the candidates as the Senate panel was on Hillary Clinton during that 11-hour hearing on Benghazi.

The icing on the cake in my fantasy debate scenario is Anderson walking up to each candidate and asking them face-to-face why he shouldn't be able to marry his partner Ben.

And the cherry on top would be Anderson limiting responses - a la Judge Judy - to "yes" or "no" answers, no babble allowed.