Monday, April 18, 2016

Anderson Cooper 360 on Monday, April 18, 2016

Anderson Cooper anchored an expanded two hour edition of AC360 from the CNN Washington DC Bureau.  Much of the two hours was spent on politics with the floods in Houston and the earthquake in Ecuador receiving one combined segment towards the end of the second hour.  There were a couple of interesting Democratic panels.  From the first hour:

From the second hour:

The program ended with a segment on Adrianne Haslet completing the Boston Marathon today:

Anderson was a guest on The Howard Stern Show Monday morning.  They posted a few clips where Anderson discussed CNN Town Halls and not voting among other things.

And Anderson posted another picture of his new puppy, Lilly to his IG account Sunday night:

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Jaanza said...

It's Monday and so I only watched the second hour of 360 because of 'Gotham'. Surprisingly, the show wasn't entirely about politics and the NY primary tomorrow and shockingly, only one segment devoted to the GOP candidates. Here's what I saw in each segment:

- NY primary GOP side; Trump still mad at GOP/RNC rules; Phil Mattingly on Cruz and Kasich; Anderson interview with Gov. Brian Sandoval (R-NV) who endorsed Kasich; panel with Gloria Borger, John King, Ryan Lizza, Amanda Carpenter, Kevin Madden and another guy.

- NY primary DEM side; Jeff Zeleny report/overview; Anderson chats with Zeleny for more details; King 'By The Numbers' look at Dem delegate count now and possible future; panel with Borger, Lizza, King, Bill Press, Van Jones and another woman.

- Randi Kaye report "Can New Yorkers Name the Candidates?" shot in Central Park, seemed like everybody knew Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Trump and fewer knew Cruz and Kasich.

- Flooding in Houston report; Ecuador earthquake report from Boris Sanchez and short chat with Anderson.

- Update on Boston Marathon bombing survivor Adreanne Haslet (lost lower left leg), past clips showing her recovery and her run in today's marathon.

In every commercial break there was a CNN commercial promoting their NY primary coverage tomorrow. It looks like it's all-day, it looks extensive and it looks like there will be no time for any other news. This will most likely be true for 360 because results will be coming in during the show. There will be lots of pundits, lots of analysis. Will Anderson be the question-thrower for the panel again? Will it be worth watching when I need only a two-minute review after all the counting is done?

Later I'll watch the ATA videos from the first hour and from the Howard Stern show.

I hope Anderson posts lots of pictures of Lilly, I'd love to see her as she grows.

aries moon said...

Anderson's position on not voting because he's a journalist and wants to stay uninfluenced and neutral must be an unusual one that probably not shared by other reporters--I'm not sure how he could feel comfortable not voting in an election where the stakes are as high as this one. I get that his enormous wealth insulates him from much of the havoc that a terrible president would wreak, but how does he sit out taking a vote that might make the difference in the direction of the Supreme Court? He must have some concern about certain social issues and how the makeup of the SCOTUS will impact them.

Unknown said...

So Michael Strahan just quit Live With Kelly and Michael. I'm really hoping AC takes the co-host position. That would be amazing. He probably won't however, because that means he will be working 3 jobs again.