Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Anderson Cooper 360 on Tuesday, May 17th, 2016 & On Jeopardy!

Anderson Cooper was on hand for CNN's coverage of the Kentucky Primary.  Things were switched up a bit this week.  The coverage was out of the NYC studio typically used for New Day.  Anderson joined Wolf Blitzer as the election coverage began with The Situation Room and ran through the 11pmET hour at which time coverage was handed off to Don Lemon/CNN Tonight.   Jake Tapper anchored The Lead from an NYC studio, but wasn't part of the on-going coverage as he has been other primary nights.  Anderson was mostly in charge of moderating the large panels.

Today Anderson's episode of Power Players Jeopardy! aired.  Don't scroll passed the next photo if you haven't watched it and don't want spoilers as Anderson tweeted out his results tonight.

From Jeopardy!:


The commercial that aired throughout the day:

 And from Inside Edition today:

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Jaanza said...

Around 8:05 PM (EST) I watched a half a minute or so of CNN's coverage of the Kentucky and Oregon primaries. And that was it; not interested enough to watch more.

However, I did watch 'Jeopardy' when it was broadcast. Isn't SpikesK9Fund new for Anderson? I seem to remember his charity being the American Heart Fund in past 'Jeopardy' appearances. I won't reveal who won but will say I'm surprised no one could answer "Who is Joseph Stalin?" or "Who is Colin Powell?" because I thought both of those were fairly easy.

What will the lead story be on Wednesday's 360? Hillary Clinton's win in Kentucky? Bernie Sanders' win in Oregon? Or Trump Trump Trump?

CWM84 said...

So much for a contested convention huh? Lol And if I was Bernie I would demand a recount in Kentucky... 1,000 vote lead is too close to call. But Bernie is way too nice for that...