Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Anderson Cooper 360 on Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from the NYC studio.  At 9pmET CNN aired an AC360 Town Hall - Prescription Addiction moderated by Anderson and Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

Anderson tweeted about being on Radio Andy's  (SIRIUS) My Favorite Song program with John Benjamin Hickey this morning and Late Night with Seth Meyers tweeted that Anderson would be a guest on tonight's (Monday's) program:

Anderson also tweeted about that The Rainbow Comes and Goes is once again #1 on the NYT bestseller list this week and also about a book signing in Toronto on Sunday:

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Jaanza said...

I was a minute late to Wednesday's 360, a Sara Murray report on Trump was in progress. Trump won't release his tax forms. After Anderson asked Murray a few questions, it was more questions for ____ Raju (name flashed by too quickly to get first name) about Trump's upcoming meeting with Rep. Paul Ryan. Then it was the panel to discuss these Trump issues. I changed the channel.

Anderson interviewed Glenn Beck about Trump and the GOP. I didn't watch.

The third segment started with a report on Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, the WV & NE primaries, their campaigns, their opinions on Trump, health care and Biden's remark. John King's "By the Numbers" detailed the Clinton / Sanders delegate race. The panel came back but only Jonathan Tasini spoke in this segment.

The panel was back in the next segment and the on-screen title was "Parties Brace For Clinton, Trump Showdown". Other than Christine Quinn and Tara Setmeyer, I didn't recognize any of the panelists and their names were either never shown or flashed by for a nanosecond. Anderson didn't appear to be engaged in the discussion; he tossed out questions but did nothing to control the squabbling or overtalking and appeared all too eager to abruptly end it for a commercial break.

Kyung Lah filed a report on Prince's death, his health before he died, his doctors, his medications and the investigation on how it happened. Anderson talked to Jeffrey Toobin about the legalities involved.
I fully expected the show to have a promo or preview of Sanjay Gupta's prescription abuse special coming up next but Anderson only briefly mentioned it at the end.
I liked seeing Toobin again, it's been a while since he's been on; darn shame Anderson can't devote a segment on North Carolina, its LGBT bathroom law and current fight with the Dept. of Justice. Anderson/360 hasn't touched this story.

aries moon said...

So Seth Meyers did a segment on Trump and white supremicists that surpassed anything 360's ever done on the subject? Or have they even covered that subject to begin with? It's sad that late night talk show hosts can sometimes do a better job of 'reporting' than actual journalists and news programs.

It is very disappointing that AC seems to have stopped covering LGBT stories altogether. He did a better job of reporting on the LGBT community BEFORE he came out.

Anonymous said...

Listening to Anderson's panels on AC360 I'm of two minds. Either they are all pretty uninformed or else they don't want to tip their hands. The discussion of the WV primary on the Dem side Tuesday night was a perfect example. They were falling all over themselves claiming that Hillary's comments on coal mining were the reason for her loss. If anyone has followed WV primary votes over the years they know that Dems in the primary tend to vote Republican in the general. Many just never bothered to change their registration as the parties flipped and the timing of their vote in the primaries usually isn't major. There's also a lot of protest votes in the primary. On May 8, 2012, Keith Russell Judd, an inmate serving a 210-month sentence, won 41% of the primary vote in West Virginia against incumbent Barack Obama, a higher percentage of the vote in one state than any other primary opponent of Obama had hitherto achieved in 2012. The state is also has the third whitest behind VT and NH, so they voted against the black man in 2008 and 2012 and against the woman vs the white man in 2016. In most cases they will vote Republican in the general. In fact a much higher percentage of Bernie voters said they would vote for Trump than did the Hillary voters. It's a very different state than most when it comes to primary voting.
This is also why it's hard to buy polling at this point because the general election is very different than primary voting. I know Paul Begala knows this and wasn't wanting to tip his hand as for the others, I'm not sure.

I found it very interesting that in the primary coverage on Tuesday night, late in the coverage, Jake Tapper brought up the Hillary comment on coal mining jobs from the CNN Town Hall with Anderson that the media claims was her downfall. What she stated was absolutely correct and had the media, including CNN played her entire response it actually explained her idea of how to fix the problem, but the media likes sounds bites and they stopped at the part that was most damaging to her. Trump can promise to bring back the coal mining jobs to WV but it's not going to happen. Those jobs (due to market demand) have been eroding for decades.

Anonymous said...

Part 2 - @aries moon, I agree with you completely, it's sad that the talk show hosts/comedians can cover subjects and in a more truthful way than the news media. The reason is they aren't dependent on Trump to fill their 24 hour news cycle. All one needs to do is look at CNN and AC360's ratings since they started the non-stop Trump coverage to know why it's all Trump all the time. Even if they do cover another topic/candidate it's typically in relationship to something Trump said, how they will respond to Trump, etc. It's just plain sad. As Jon Stewart said, news used to be a loss leader and they told the truth vs. chasing ratings for profit. It's a very different world we live in these days and watching the news is not a good way to educate oneself on a subject, especially in the political realm.

Also very disappointing that Anderson isn't covering any LGBT stories. I guess he felt that was his contribution to the community before coming out and once he came out he didn't need to anymore? Or else Zucker has an iron fist over what gets covered on CNN programs these days. The NC story is big. Stephen Colbert had a very interesting conversation with Dan Savaage on LGBT issues earlier this week. Not sure why Anderson couldn't have him on as a guest to talk about the NC law, or why Anderson didn't cover the story at all. Loretta Lynch gave powerful comments but no mention on AC360. President Obama gave an outstanding commencement address at Howard University last weekend. It was never mentioned on AC360, but when there was hoopla over him giving the commencement address at Notre Dame a few years ago because he was pro-choice AC360 was all over that story. It seems they've gone from bashing POTUS to just plain ignoring him.

I'm still waiting for Anderson to bring up Trump's birther claims. He interviewed Trump several times when that was taking place and exposed Trump for what he was. I'm guessing those tapes won't see the light of day on AC360 before the election.

I like Anderson, I used to look forward to AC360, but now I barely watch most nights and I'm anticipating it will only get worse between now and November. Will they even cover the Democratic Convention?

aries moon said...

anon 10:45 and 10:46, excellent comments and observations. 360's story selection continues to be baffling. I suppose we have to expect Trump Trump Trump, but what 360 chooses NOT to report is difficult to understand but I think the reasons you suggest for it are right on target.

Anonymous said...

Btw, that was Manu Raju, the one Anderson asked more questions of.