Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Anderson Cooper & Anderson Cooper 360 on Wednesday, July 22, 2016

With Anderson Cooper on stage with Anthony Bourdain at Cannes Lions today, the very capable John Berman was in the AC360 anchor chair.

Live with Kelly is dark until July 5th and today's episode was a host chat recorded on June 1st when Anderson was a guest co-host (despite Anderson and Kelly acting like it was June 22nd) and the three guest segments were repeats from shows earlier in the year.  Here's the newly aired host chat and trivia contest ~

Host Chat & Trivia:

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

I didn't post yesterday because I barely watched Tuesday's 360; instead saw a lot of Hayes. Today I'm posting even though I watched even more Hayes because I have a complaint and couldn't find any sort of "Contact CNN" on their website.
The BIG news of today was the Democratic Reps (plus some Senators) sit-in on the House floor demanding a vote on gun control bills. Rachel Maddow called it "dramatic, unexpected and unprecedented"; she and Hayes gave it oodles of coverage. John Berman started 360 with news on Trump calling Hillary Clinton a liar. That is not big news, it's not breaking news. It's happened many times before and will happen many times again. Berman had a Dana Bash report and a panel.
Hayes started with the sit-in and had various updates throughout his show.

360's second segment started with news of Rubio, after saying he wouldn't run for re-election to the Senate, announced he would. Then it was the panel again and, for me, Hayes again.

A clip of Trump started the third segment; his allegation that Hillary used the Secretary of State office to get rich. Amazing that Trump makes this allegation the same day reports came out regarding his use of campaign funds for his business and to pay his kids. A Drew Griffin report looked into claims that Hillary did favors for donors to the Clinton Foundation. And then more panel.

At :38 into the show Berman finally covered the Democratic sit-in. After a short Q&A with Manu Raju, the panel came back.
Berman talked to pundits; earlier Hayes talked to two Representatives (von Hollen and Esty) and one Senator (Baldwin). At the time of this segment Hayes had a very good segment scrutinizing Trump's claims of charity.

The last segment was a preview of the "CNN Libertarian Town Hall". I went to Hayes and when a checked back minutes later the panel was at it again.

The Town Hall was supposed to end at 10 pm (EST). It didn't. On MSNBC O'Donnell continued the coverage of the sit-in and House Speaker Paul Ryan's attempt to get control.

I'm really disgusted with CNN's coverage and won't apologize for watching Hayes.

Except for hanging out with Zucker, t looks like Anderson is having a great vacation.