Monday, August 01, 2016

Anderson Cooper 360 on Monday, August 1, 2016 & Anderson Cooper Guest Co-Host on Live with Kelly

Anderson Cooper anchored an expanded two hour edition of AC360 from the NYC studio.  And CNN announced today that Anderson would be hosting a Libertarian Town Hall on Wednesday night:

Anderson began his busy day in the guest co-host chair on Live with Kelly.

Host Chat - Part 1:
Host Chat - Part 2:

Drive Me Wild Travel Trivia:

First Guest - John Corbett:

Second Guest - Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje:

Ambush Makeover:

In-box end:

Anderson was also in conversation with Jeffrey Toobin tonight prior to anchoring AC360:

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

I got to 360 when John King's "By The Numbers" started. He covered the latest poll numbers, Hillary's convention bounce and speculated on the 2016 Electoral College. Anderson mentioned and should have spent more time on, Hillary being in Omaha NE and Warren Buffet's challenge to Trump over tax returns. Jim Acosta, from a Trump Rally in PA, answered Anderson's questions about the poll numbers and the Khan controversy.
The panel this time was Christine Quinn, Tara Setmayer, John Dickerson, John Jay LaVelle, Bernard Whitman and Corey Lewandowski.
Dickerson started with comments on Khan and Trump's need to grow his base. Lewandowski said Trump was "standing by his position", didn't care about political correctness ( Me - maybe he'll care about acting like a human being?) and Trump felt like he had to respond because it was a personal attack. Quinn remarked how badly Trump responded to the Khan's especially insinuating religion was the reason Ghazala Kahn did not speak at the DNC. Setmayer called Trump "petulant, vindictive" and a draft dodger. LaVelle said Trump's "patriotism was attacked..." Setmayer cut him off with "GET OVER IT!" Whitman said Trump is a megalomaniac and makes everything about him. It seemed like Whitman would have said more but Anderson cut him off for a commercial break.

When the second segment started Anderson had a live shot of Trump at his PA rally and I was so scared 360 was going to stop so Zucker could broadcast Trump's speech. 360 continued, thank Xena for small victories. A clip from George Stephanopoulos' interview with Trump came on, the part where he says "I made a lot of sacrifices" and then lists a couple business accomplishments.
Tom Foreman filed a report stating a few of Trump's worst comments, against immigrants, women, McCain, Muslims, and his un-falling poll numbers. Then a clip from today's Mike Pence rally showing his response to a military mom. Pence thanked her for her son's duty to the country and he insisted Trump was devoted to the nation's military. I would have loved it if Anderson did a "Keeping Them Honest" report on Trump's alleged devotion to the U.S. military. The website Gawker has done a far better job investigating Trump's so-called help to soldiers.
The panel again. Dickerson, '... people have seen that Trump cannot restrain his impulses...' and could do serious damage to the GOP. Lewandowski touted Trump's big primary numbers as proof Trump was 'expanding the party'. Quinn, ''s not a question of what he can get away with, it's a question of what is right...', Trump supported the Iraq War, Pence voted for it and why can't Trump say thank you to the Khan family for their son's service? Lavelle had the funniest line, '...this was a premeditated speech...' - well, duh! If you're invited to speak at the DNC, you're going to write out and perfect your speech beforehand. Setmayer said the Khan's had a right to speak and the line about the Constitution was valid.

The third All-Trump segment focused on Trump's comments in the Stephanopoulos interview about Putin, Russia, Ukraine & Crimea; also how wrong he was and his attempts to spin those comments into something else. Anderson didn't say it was spin but said '...Trump is saying 'that's not what I said' when yes, he did say that...'. LaVelle tried to explain it away. Quinn asked 'didn't he read the papers?'. Lewandowski didn't say Trump read any papers but said 'he's curious, he asks a lot of questions'. Anderson asked 'why wasn't he briefed?' Lewandowski, 'he has diverse advisors, gets information from experts, from phone conversations...'. Setmayer, 'Trump is willfully ignorant' and a couple years ago gave a speech praising Putin for taking the Crimea.

Jaanza said...

Ran out of space in my first post. Picking up from the start of the fourth segment:

Hillary's segment was titled, "Clinton Claims Vs. Email Facts". After a clip from a Hillary interview with FOX, and another mention of the latest poll numbers, the panel was back. I was disappointed Dickerson was replaced. I checked out Hayes and stayed there because he was covering Trump's attempts to weasel out of the debates. Anderson's three Trump segments didn't touch on this.

The last segment of the first hour was about the Zika virus in Miami FL. Anderson talked to Sanjay Gupta about the CDC guidelines, precautions and mosquitos.

The second hour started with the poll numbers. I didn't watch but when I checked back at 9:17 pm (EST) King was at his map presenting the same material from the first hour.

Going back to the third segment, Quinn asked if Trump read the papers. Lewandowski replied ' he asks a lot of questions'. Anderson asked 'why wasn't he briefed?' Lewandowski, 'he has diverse advisors, gets information from experts, from phone conversations...'.
Lewandowski didn't say, "Of course Trump reads the newspapers!" Which brought me back to 2008 and Katie Couric interviewing Sarah Palin.
Katie Couric, please come back and ask Trump, "Which newspapers do you read?" . Will Trump say,
"All of them!"
"Only the best, finest, most luxurious newspapers."
"What are newspapers?"

@CAPPY - I checked out the Fareed Zakaria video on Huffington Post, the one you mentioned in yesterday's ATA. I loved his comments on Trump. I hope to see / hear more from him; it'll be awesome to have him back on 360.

Anonymous said...