Thursday, August 18, 2016

Anderson Cooper 360 on Thursday, August 18, 2016

Anderson Cooper anchored an expanded two hour edition of AC360 from the NYC studio.

Thanks to a "head's up" from a reader - From The Advocate on Sunday, August 14th:

Anderson Cooper Adorably Reminds Us It's 'National Gay Uncles Day'

If you forgot that today is National Gay Uncles Day — a day for "guncles" — Anderson Cooper has given the internet an adorable reminder.

The famed out journalist shared on Instagram a video of himself and nephew Martin on the Quadrado in Trancoso in Brazil. Maybe it’s the CNN anchor’s TV skills, but he really nailed the cinema of the moment.

There are thousands of posts today using the hashtag #guncles. Here is Cooper’s post, plus a series from everyday folks who are also showing that families come in a rainbow of varieties.  (Please click on link to read the entire article and see the other posts from "everyday folks.")

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Jaanza said...

In an homage to CAPPY, I'm going to write in all capital letters.
Those minutes sucked BIG-TIME!!! It was the broadcast of Trump's speech, free air-time for Trump thanks to Zucker and the PAY ATTENTION TO TRUMP ALL THE TIME CABLE NETWORK!

I was a minute late and Trump's speech was already on. The alternating on-screen titles were ""Trump: I Regret Not Always Choosing The Right Words" and "Trump Speaks For First Time Since Staff Shake-Up." Big deal, I went to MSNBC. Hayes' sub Joy Reid had the Trump speech in a side box but was talking with Robert Costa and later with Sarah Isgur Flores. For both sometimes the Trump speech went away entirely so facts or pictures / video of folks like Kellyanne Conway or Steve Bannon could be shown.
Although at :10 Reid stopped interviewing Flores so Trump's speech, by :15 she and Flores were back.
360 still had only Trump's speech.
I stayed with Reid for the next segment to hear her interview Brad Woodhouse.
At :26, because Reid went to commercial, i checked back to 360 to see Anderson start a panel of six.

Can the Trump "pivot" (the 7th or 8th 'I'm going to be nicer' moves in the too-long presidential campaign) be believed? Bakari Sellers was rightly skeptical. Anderson asked if it can be believed since Trump says things like 'I'm self-funding' but then asks for donations. Christine Quinn questioned if this was real Trump or "a pivot of a desperate candidate? Kaliegh McEnany saw it as an honest move and all rainbows and snips and snails and puppy dog tails.

In the next segment there was a clip of Trump blasting the $400M refund to Iran and Anderson's Q&A with Michelle Kosinski about new State Department info which admits the refund was used as "leverage" to get the hostages out. When the panel started I left for Reid again. Checking back later John King was saying Trump could use this politically, use the election as an referendum on the Obama administration instead of a referendum on Trump's own qualifications (or lack thereof).
Panel started again with the addition of Dana Loesch from another location. McEnany defended Trump's use of a teleprompter because " was his own came from his heart..." and later used the word "apology" as if there was an apology somewhere in Trump's speech.
I don't believe her and I don't believe Trump.
Because Trump smirked. In the clip he smirked after he said 'I've sometimes said the wrong thing' and he smirked again after he said he regretted it.
As though he was saying what someone else told him he had to say and he was thinking, 'There. I said it. And you believed me. Now shut up about it.'

The last segment of the first hour was on Olympic swimmer Ryan Locate and the two other swimmer's "robbery story." After a Nick Paton Walsh report, Anderson talked with Walsh and then to Christine Breannan.

@CAPPY - Big thanks for using the word "smirk" in ATA's post yesterday. It's the perfect word for Trump's expression, the look that says 'Ha Ha, these fools might actually believe me.'

aries moon said...

Trump and K-Lee were extra revolting on Thursday. Does the new Trump team really believe they can stick some 'nice' words in the prompter and somehow wipe away Trump's long history of bigotry and hate? All of a sudden he regrets the hateful and ignorant things he's said during the campaign? Please. How long before he pops off again in his customary repulsive manner? Meanwhile K-Lee thinks she can lecture African Americans and insult President Obama. Girl, bye.

Anonymous said...