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Anderson Cooper 360 on Wednesday, August 3, 2016 & Anderson's Full Interview with Khizr Khan from Tuesday's AC360

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from the site of the Libertarian  Presidential Town Hall in the 8pmET hour.

In the 9pmET hour Anderson moderated the Libertarian Presidential Town Hall.

Per reader request from Tuesday night's AC360; Anderson Cooper's interview with Khizr Khan, father of Capt. Humayun Khan, in the 8pmET hour.
Part 1:
Part 2:

And Part 3 from the 9pmET hour:

AC360 Transcript
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Jaanza said...

Anderson had new poll numbers: Hillary Clinton - 44%, Trump - 35%, Johnson - 12%. Johnson is the Libertarian candidate and Anderson hosted the Libertarian Town Hall at 9 pm (EST). These poll numbers were shown several times during Wednesday's 360 always paired with a reminder to watch the upcoming Town Hall.
The poll also said 69% to 19% thought Trump's comments about the Khan family were "out of bounds". This was followed by clips of Trump trying to put a positive spin on older awful comments about Megan Kelly ("...blood coming out of her whatever...") and his ridicule of a disabled reporter (that heartless impersonation). Anderson started a Q&A with Jim Acosta who was at a Trump rally. The rally and Trump were so loud (but at least CNN wasn't broadcasting Trump's speech) that I switched to Hayes.
When I came back Dana Bash was reporting on Trump campaign mess and frustration among its staffers.
During the panel David Challian, Andre Bauer and Tara Setmayer all had examples of ways Trump has been mishandling his campaign. Errol Flynn said Trump has to broaden his appeal and the woman from the Johnson campaign said Trump didn't have a message and wasn't giving the GOP message either.

Trump running mate Pence endorsed Paul Ryan even though Trump hasn't. This led to a report on Trump's non-endorsement of John McCain. The panel started discussing this and I switched to Hayes because
- I don't care whether or not Trump endorsing McCain
- Hayes was covering the news of Trump's odd behavior ('why can't we use nukes?') during a National Security briefing months ago and I didn't think 360 would get to this story.
When I came back later the topic was Trump doing permanent damage to the GOP and affecting other races. Setmayer pointed out the importance of the Senate because the Senate confirms SCOTUS nominees.

Turmoil and panic in the Trump campaign was the focus of the next segment. Tom Foreman had a really good and informative report on what the Republican National Committee would do if Trump drops out. Anderson asked further questions before getting back to the panel. Setmayer was out, Angela Rye was in and I didn't watch.

Hillary didn't get much attention until the fourth segment about $400 million paid to Iran back in January which was the same time Iran released four American hostages. Anderson talked to Elise LaBott for the details (essentially in the1970's the Shah of Iran paid the U.S. $400M for fighter jets, was deposed, Iran never got the jets, sued for much more by adding on interest, but in January settled for the $400M). Trump and the GOP are trying to make a big deal out of. I checked on Hayes and when I came back to 360 it was a Joe Johns report on the Hillary campaign.

The last segment was a report on 3rd party candidates in American presidential races.

Big big thanks for posting the Khizr Khan interview. While Khan's justified rant about the Purple Heart was the best part, the entire interview should have been on 360's website and I don't understand why it's not. I understand it's difficult for Khan to be part of this media circus but wish he'll continue to speak out. Humayan Khan's noble story and Trump's disgraceful insult should not be forgotten.
Lastly, it's great and surprising for Anderson to show the Katrina Pierson clip from 'The Situation Room". Yes, Pierson got it completely wrong - Obama wasn't President in 2004. However, Wolf Blitzer let her stupid comment slide by and didn't correct Pierson's date mistake until later in his show.

aries moon said...

Didn't watch the Libertarian town hall.

It's interesting that just as Trump's campaign is imploding left and right and he's looking even more un-presidential than ever, the report about the Iran $400 million deal surfaces--the timing of it makes me think it's more of a distraction than a genuine scandal. The GOP knows the media will eagerly hop on any Obama or Clinton 'scandal'they throw at them and that's very helpful when you have chosen an unstable giant toddler as your candidate for POTUS and you need to move the national conversation away from your party's imminent destruction. Anderson kept saying that it 'seemed like' the $400 million was a ransom payment--he's a reporter, he's not supposed to deal in what something 'seems like'--he's supposed to report the facts.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The $400 million dollar settlement with Iran was reported on in January. There was a White House news release on it and it was also addressed in a White House briefing. I remember there being some discussion on it at the time, but it wasn't at a time when Trump's campaign was in meltdown mode so it didn't get the coverage. The reason it was in the news yesterday and again today was because of an article in the WSJ that disclosed how the payment was made and Trump talking about a video that only he has seen. His campaign addressed the fact that there was no video, yet Trump talked about the make believe video again today, so once again it was covered on AC360 Thursday night. President Obama went into great detail explaining the payment, why it was in cash, etc. during his press conference today, but of course that won't satisfy Trump, the Republican's or the cable news media that needs the campaign to be a close race for ratings.

Granted it didn't help that the Iranian Govt claims it was ransom, but then again anyone with half a brain knows that the Iranian Govt is a propaganda machine for the Iranian Govt.

I notice neither Anderson or Berman brought up that as part of an agreement that led to the 52 remaining embassy hostages being freed in 1981, Iran received $3 billion of it's $12 billion in frozen assets. That was done by the Republican's beloved Ronald Reagan. The rest was used to repay American creditors or put into escrow. The $400 million settlement in January was out of that escrow account. There was also interest paid. And due to the fact that the US was in negotiations with Iran for the first time in decades, the amount paid was negotiated down from what we probably would have had to pay if the case was settled in International Court instead of being settled outside the court. Something tells me that no matter when the cash was delivered (we have no banking relationship with Iran due to sanctions) the Iranian Govt and Trump and the Republicans would have all called it ransom when in fact it wasn't.