Thursday, July 13, 2017

AC360 on Thursday, July 13, 2017

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 in the 8pm and 9pmET hours from the NYC studio.

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Jaanza said...

I was finally able to watch 360 on Thursday, the first hour at least, but most of the time couldn't ever get much into it. Here's what I saw:

"President Defends Son, Misstates Facts" was the opening chyron and Anderson gave an overview of Trump Jr.'s meeting with the Russian lawyer and the facts Trump Sr. got wrong in his various statements. The talk with Jeff Zeleny went into more detail on the situation, the GOP reaction, Trump's defense, the House & Senate investigations and Trump apparently changing his mind about the U.S. leaving the Paris Climate Change Accord. Anderson introduced a panel of 4 which included Jeffrey Lord so I switched to Hayes.

My favorite segment was the second one. Anderson questioned Fareed Zakaria about Trump and the climate change accord and whether he really means it. They also discussed Junior and Russia, Trump's response and the worldview. 360 should have Zakaria on more often.

Next up was "Senate Intel Asking Kushner, Trump Jr. For Documents". Anderson had Kenneth Cuccinelli and Laura Coates to analyze but I mostly watched Hayes cover the latest version of the GOP healthcare bill because I didn't think Anderson would get to it in the first hour.

But surprise! The newest GOP healthcare bill got it's own segment "New Republican Healthcare Bill Again On The Brink". Stephen Moore took the 'rah rah anything Republican, this bill will work great' and Dustan Goolsbee stated the facts on how horrible the bill is for most Americans. The issue of pre-existing conditions was never brought up. No changes on that part?

Also getting a full segment - the last one in the first hour - was a study of Trump's greeting the French First Lady Brigitte Macron and telling her "You're in such good shape." Gloria Borger and Michael D'Antonia bantered on how Trump greeted Mrs. Macron, Mr. Macron, how unsurprisingly it was, how awkward it was and how "Hollywood" it was. At one point Borger asked '...Is this really a big deal?" Not to me. It's something that should be noted in 30 seconds or so but doesn't need any more time than that.
Anderson previewed the start of the second hour: "Russia Meeting Controversy Follows Trump To Paris".

Pragya said...

Have you people noticed that Trump admin people always insult Anderson, but never Tapper? In fact Tapper defended Gorka today saying he did not put him down. Is it because anderson is gay?

Anonymous said...

@Pragya I wouldn't be surprised if that doesn't have something to do with it.