Thursday, September 07, 2017

Anderson Cooper 360 on Thursday, September 7, 2017

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 in the 8pm and 9pmET hours from the NYC studio.   All but one segment in the second hour was devoted to Hurricane Irma.  That segment was about Donald Trump, Jr's testimony in the Russia investigation.

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Pragya said...

anderson is going to florida, it is worrying

Jaanza said...

Thursday's 360, at least the first hour, was entirely on Hurricane Irma. Wednesday's show was a mix of Irma and politics and Tuesday's was mostly on DACA. But today - only Irma. For an entire hour, 360 was the all-Irma show. If all you wanted to hear about was Irma, you were in luck.

I missed the first minute and came in during a clip of FL Gov. Rick Scott's press conference of him telling everybody to leave. For the rest of the first segment Anderson talked Irma Irma Irma to meteorologist Tom Sater, Turks and Caicos Gov. John Freeman, Air Force Flight Meteorologist Major Jeremy DeHart and Josephine Gumbs-Connor, an Irma survivor from Anguilla.

Next up was Randi Kaye's report from the Miami Intl Airport on people trying to leave Irma and Anderson's interview with Miami Beach Mayor Phillip Levine.

The third segment had Ed Rappaport from the National Hurricane Center with additional comments from Sater and a Q&A with Paula Newton reporting from Haiti.

Anderson interviewed Sheila Sellers, a passenger on the last plane out of San Juan, Puerto Rico, before Irma hit and then a talk with Greg Scott about the situation on Barbuda.

Miguel Marquez had a report on a construction site preparing for Irma and building codes for hurricane safety and then a chat with Anderson.
The preview for the start of the second hour was no surprise: Irma.

I'm predicting it will be the same tomorrow; nothing but Irma.

Thanks, ATA, for the info that Anderson did have a segment on Trump Jr. testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee in the second hour. This is important news with big implications and I wish Anderson had covered it earlier in the show.

Unknown said...

I hope AC goes to Florida... miss him covering hurricanes live...