Friday, June 01, 2018

Anderson Cooper 360 on Friday, June 1, 2018

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 in the 8pmET hour from the NYC studio.  A special aired in the 9pmET hour.  This was the last time Anderson anchored AC360 as a 50 year old man.  He turns 51 on Sunday.  There was no mention of his birthday on AC360 but he did discuss it on Live with Kelly and Ryan on Thursday.  Please see yesterday (Thursday's) post for video.

From Instagram ~

Unfortunately, Jason Miller was back on AC360 Friday night. 

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

Where was Jason Miller during President Obama's 8 years in office? Did he miss all the racists signs, tweets, etc., especially from the Republican's Tea Party faction? He also apparently has no idea what the White House Correspondent's Dinner is all about. He really doesn't elevate the conversation on AC360 at all.

While Samantha Bee used a disgusting term and I in no way condone that language, it was in context of Trump's policy of tearing apart parents and children seeking Asylum and Ivanka's stone deaf IG post in that larger context. There was a lot of chatter about Ivanka's post on social media over the weekend. Ivanka is a senior staffer in the administration and as such should be more self aware.

Anonymous said...

Jason Miller is not on the panel to elevate the discussion. He is there to have a perplexed expression on his face that continually says, "Why are you picking on Donald J. Trump again?"
Samantha Bee should not have used that terminology whether in context or out of context. Coming from the original Daily Show with Jon Stewart, she should have known better. Salty obscene language is never funny.

Pragya said...

Did anyone hear see the new Reines' emails that were uncovered? He was shopping around hit pieces on Anderson :(