Thursday, August 16, 2018

Anderson Cooper 360 on Thursday, August 16, 2018

With Anderson Cooper in Seoul, Jim Scuitto was in the AC360 anchor chair in the 8pmET hour from the NYC studio and Randi Kaye had Full Circle duty.

Initially Anderson teased his location on his IG stories ~

Anderson did post the following to his IG account ~

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Pragya said...

SO, I have mentioned this before but since qanon talk has become mainstream now, apparently qanon did a "drop" on anderson a couple of days ago, and now thousands of people are spamming twitter, insta etc accusing anderson of being a satansit pedophile and gloria of murdering carter as a sacrifice and other horrific things, and honestly, I am terrified. Why is no one else concerned? Anderson has no one to defend him anymore, thanks to Kathy G etc. But don't people here worry about the escalation in death threats? Anderson doesn't read his twitter mentions, how do you know he is even aware of this. Why does nobody care?
the person arrested for starting the california wildfire was a qanon follower. This is dangerous.

noonwyn said...

I am pretty certain CNN security is aware of the threats to Anderson (and so is AC). I think he is not the only one being threatened by these nutjobs
(although he may be one of the few with several conspiracies "against" him, being at CNN, gay and a Vanderbild)
But the MSM does not mention it because it would just give more publicity to those ridiculous theories. (I only found an article in The New Statesman several months ago but maybe I missed some)
I agree it could get dangerous (see Alex Jones' latest rant and "call to arms" but I am sure AC has some security and a lot of people love him and KG could not change that.

aries moon said...

I saw some of this sick insanity on Twitter and Instagram. Pure madness and I hope AC is being seriously protected.