Friday, September 14, 2018

Anderson Cooper 360 Live from Wilmington, NC Day 2

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from Wilmington, NC.  He opened the program with an overview. talked to Chris Cuomo and then a very wet Miguel Marquez ~

Anderson checked in with NIU meteorologist, Allison Chinchar then spoke to Amber Hersel a Civilian Crisis Response Team Volunteer about a rescue today ~

Anderson then spoke by phone with Annazette Riley-Cromartie who was rescued earlier in the day.  Then it was time for Mayor Bill Saffo and Fire Chief Buddy Martinette to talk to Anderson.  ~

Anderson then checked in with CNN's Dianne Gallagher ~

Next up was a discussion with Jeffrey Toobin and Maggie Haberman on Paul Manafort's plea deal and his cooperation with the Mueller Investigation.  Did anyone else roll their eyes when Haberman attempted to tie Manafort to Hillary Clinton?  We saw what you did, Maggie. 

Next up was Jameesha Harris, New Bern Alderwoman, with another rescue story ~

In the last segment of the program, Anderson spoke with Todd Terrell, Founder United Cajun Navy before tossing to Chris Cuomo ~

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aries moon said...

Maggie Haberman is fawned over, defended and idolized by her fellow reporters but her biases against Hillary, Obama and liberals in general make me and many others on Twitter sometimes question her motives. She may have done some noteworthy and critical reporting on Trump but her "both sideism" tendencies are blatant and irresponsible. Even with all the evidence of Trump's ongoing and incompetence, corruption, Haberman still tries to find some way to make it appear that Hillary/Obama are as bad as Trump and she cannot own up to how her rotten, unfair reporting on Hillary (but her emails!) in 2016 contributed to Trump's victory. I saw what she did on 360 Friday too and was irritated by it, but that's typical Maggie for you.

AC's Full Circle behind the scenes segment was funny. Who knew what he was using for protection...for his microphone, lol.

Pragya said...

Thank you so much for posting all the hurricane segments <3

I am very frustrated with Anderson's team. There is this new "fake news" going around twitter that Anderson was standing in a ditch to make the Florence floods look deep. It is a very old pic and he is not in a ditch. But now it is all over twitter. If such fake news is spread about ANY other CNN reporter, it is immediately debunked by the CNN PR team because they are alerted. But the AC360 team does NOTHING. I am fucking sick of this by now.

I am seriously asking, do you guys have an email contact for the team that you know will respond? This Florence thing is going viral, it's a lie and it is serious.

Phebe said...

@Pragya, CNN, as with all networks, has clear rules as to who can issue statements on behalf of an anchor. His PR person at CNN is Shimrit Sheetrit and she occasionally will address a rumor or untruth but usually Anderson himself will tackle it, if he deems it important enough.
There was s a major smear campaign currently aimed at CNN and its personalities in an effort to discredit the network thus discrediting their reporting on the POTUS. Anderson has been through this and worse before, it’s part of the job as he says. By reacting and responding to it you only give the trolls more power. If and when CNN deems it important enough to address they will. You can find contact information for CNN PR at their Pressroom page.

Pragya said...


I understand, it is just frustrating because this kind of thing spreads so quickly. Now Bill Mitchell etc have picked it up. I don't see the sense in not sending out a simple tweet saying this is not from the Florence coverage, and linking to the original report. I see people like Jake Tapper nip such attempts in the bud on twitter all the time. And that's how such propaganda dies. Ignoring it will not help. Anderson used to address such things on twitter but clearly he doesn't read his twitter mentions anymore. So is he even aware of this?

But thank you.