Thursday, September 13, 2018

Anderson Cooper Live from Wilmington, North Carolina

Anderson Cooper along with Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo anchored Wolf at 1ET today.  Here are Anderson's live shots from the hour.

Anderson spoke with Jennifer Gray in the CNN Weather Center ~

Anderson spoke with Bill Saffro, Wilmington's mayor ~

Anderson spoke with Ed Lavandera and Brian Todd, also covering the hurricane for CNN ~

Anderson spoke with Bill Weir who is reporting from San Juan, Puerto Rico and the unfolding story of Hurricane Maria ~

The trio was back to anchor CNN Newsroom in the 2pm and 3pmET hours.

Anderson started coverage checking back in the Jennifer Gray ~

He spoke to Rob Zapple, a Commissioner from New Hanover County, NC about preparations ~

To end the 2pmET hour Anderson spoke with Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon for updates on their locations ~

At the top of the second hour, Anderson spoke with Diane Gallagher in North Bern, NC ~

Later in the program, Anderson checked back in the Jennifer Gray in the CNN Weather Center for the latest on Hurricane Florence ~

And Anderson's final segment was an interview with  Ricardo Rossello, Governor of Puerto Rico.

And a couple of photos posted to Instagram this afternoon ~

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