Monday, September 10, 2018

Out With the Old, In With the New

On September 8, 2003 Anderson Cooper 360 began with what us old timers refer to as 'Red 360'. Last Saturday was the 15th anniversary of AC360. Congratulations to Anderson and the whole AC360 family. It's doubtful Anderson ever suspected when he subbed for Aaron Brown it would lead to him taking over the time slot and still being on the air 15 years later.

All Things Anderson began a few years after AC360, on November 26, 2005.  So much has changed for us over the years.  Bloggers and researchers have come and gone, friendships have been forged that are still going strong and our passion for truthful news and current events presented in an unbiased manner has not faded. Which brings us to our decision not to cover AC360 on a daily basis anymore.  While we agree with the program's outrage over the current administration and our President, the program has become a bit of a one trick pony. Gone are the days of presenting all the current events of the day, the touches of humor and banter, all the things that made 360 stand out to us from the rest. We'll still post his 60 Minutes reports, guest spots and any noteworthy 360 highlights plus we'll continue to include Anderson's upcoming events, sightings and any pictures we find but there will be no more boring caps of the program followed by crickets.

Thanks to our loyal readers, without you there would be no All Things Anderson.

AC360 Transcript

AC360 Podcast

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Pragya said...

oh, I am sorry to hear that! I love having your daily updates, but I understand your decision.

Sometimes I wonder about the future of AC360. MSNBC made such a huge fuss over Maddow completing 10 years last week, and CNN did not even acknowledge AC360 completing 15 years. All I see about Anderson these days are reports of Kathy Griffin getting her audience to boo him at Carnegie Hall etc. And no one even tries to counter her lies about Coop. Anderson is just letting her eat away at his audience. Anderson barely posts on social media anymore either. Very little audience engagement. I don't know how to inject some life back into his team and show. I like Full Circle but still. 60 minutes is going through an upheaval too.

I hope he can figure things out and get his mojo back. So much potential there.

Anyway, I am glad you guys are still going to be updating the blog! Anderson is getting the Cronkite award this year. I am excited for that!

aries moon said...

The 360 show recaps were always a highlight of this blog but I do understand and respect your choice of ending them. I guess if something interesting happens we can just post a comment as usual. I totally agree with pragya's post and I'm perplex by AC's and CNN's lack of interest in celebrating his 15 years on 360--a few weeks back Wolf Blitzer proudly spoke about The Situation Room's anniversary at the end of his program but still nothing from AC unless theyre waiting till the end of the week. I can understand Anderson wanting to avoid Twitter, it's a total cesspool overrun with right wing lunatics and their foul conspiracy theories about Anderson, but some promotion of the show and its guests wouldn't hurt. No one at the show seems too interested in doing that. One thing I wish would end is the Cuomo primetime promo during 360. I don't have anything against Chris other than the people he chooses to interview and occasionally the banter between him and AC is amusing, it just seems like an unwelcome and unnecessary intrusion.

I get annoyed with 360 and AC at times, but overall I still make a point to watch the show and it would be weird and disappointing if it ever went off the air, so congrats on 15 years, it's really a big deal.

The ATA Team said...

We will continue to post segments from AC360 that stand out to us. One example that comes to mind is Anderson's response to Trump calling Haiti a "shit hole" country. And readers can always feel free to request video of a specific segment. It's just the nightly cap that will be disappearing.